June 2014 Newsletter

So glad to connect with all you wonderful folks once again.
Thanks to all of you who sent emails and kind words for Phil. He is doing absolutely great, better than brand new he says!

We have a video for you this month so you can see how he is doing.

Could you do this?

This month we have a brief video for you. We have been intending on doing this video for months, but you know how it is......
Now we are extra motivated to share this. Unbeknownst to me or the staff, Phil has been back doing this for a couple of weeks!!!

Can You Do This?

Give it a try, the Totally Awesome Trio, Alfalfa & Olive Leaf powders plus pH Happy Caps

Phil believes this trio is responsible for having cleaned up the rest of the blood vessels in his heart. When  you empower your body to heal itself, which is its natural inclination, you reap the awesome rewards of an active, healthy life.

Please keep in mind that Phil and I take NO SUPPLEMENTS. We depend solely on our super nutrient dense Alfalfa Powder for our vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, amino acids(protein). For our Omegas we use the organic seeds in our Schmunkie, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Hemp, Chia and Brown Flax. These can also all be found in our super convenient "LONGEVITY BLEND" foil pouches.

NOTE***The ti-axis vibration machine multiplies the effectiveness of your exercise, even if all you do is knee bends! It is great for getting your lymphatic system functioning better, improves circulation & especially great for those who are less active.

If you are in the area, come by the farm and take our vibration machine for a test jiggle! We have a few left on sale.

Our passion is to help you live longer, healthier, happier, pain-free lives!

Back to the Basics, Disease Eraser 1/2 Day Workshop

We invite you to sign up for our "Back to the Basics, Disease Eraser 1/2 Day Workshop"
Sunday, June 8th 2014
10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Located right here on our farm!!
This one will be more powerful than ever before!
Come and join us for this small group one on one workshop. Meet other awesome folks that are on their personal journey toward optimal health too. Get fed, get life enhancing info, get well!!
We guarantee you will never be the same again!
Call toll free 1-877-682-1188 get the details & book your seat today!


I have been doing your "Trio", I especially love the Olive Leaf. The toenail fungus I have had for years has now disappeared! I also don't get that sinus, nasal thing anymore either. I love this stuff!~ M.MacDonald

Inspirational Quote:

Life's not about learning to find your power; it's about learning to use it. 

Health To You!

Phil & Cindy Levington
Suede Hills Organic Farm
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