October 2014 Newsletter

Happy Fall to all!

fallThe weather has been sunny and crisp. Many of us here on the farm feel that Fall is the best time of year. (Maybe its because we know that most of the hard work is over for the season!)

We trust life is enjoyable where you are too!

Does Elton John need pH Happy Caps?

Phil and I had the pleasure of seeing Sir Elton John in concert last month. It was Phil's first rock concert ever! Can you believe that?

At seventy one he finally experienced what most kids have experienced before junior high!

We were close enough to see Elton's hands moving on the piano, but those giant screens make you feel like you are
up close and personal.

My initial reaction was, "I am glad I came to see him now, he is looking pretty old, I don't think he will be around long!"

He was all puffy and wrinkly at the same time. He looked as though he must be way older than Phil (71). When we got home we went online and found out that Elton John is only 67!!!!

happyCaps800Phil and I both said, "He needs pH Happy Caps!"

Actually he needs to get his body alkaline.

Here is why:

Chances are Elton would lose a bunch of weight just by getting alkaline, because when the body gets the minerals it needs it can escort out the acids stored in the fat cells.

I have personally had two phone calls this week from folks who have been on the Totally Awesome Trio (Alfalfa, Olive Leaf and pH Happy Caps).

One lady said she has lost 60 pounds in 4 months, and a gentleman just called this morning and said he has lost 22 pounds in 4 weeks! This is due to the fact that the body now has the tools it needs to heal itself.

Congrats to both of them!!!

Losing weight is the bonus, the aim is to get and stay HEALTHY!!!

When the cells of the body are alkaline, they are oxygenated and hydrated properly, which means they can function properly, meaning they can heal and regenerate instead of DE-generate!

Losing some weight, looking younger and feeling younger are great, but the true test is the health of each cell and its ability to keep you well.

Our desire for you is a LONG, HEALTHY, PAIN-FREE, DRUG-FREE life!!

All of Elton's millions won't help him if he doesn't look after the body he is living in.

Elton, if you can hear us.....


Inspirational Quote:

"Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing in a solution paves the way to the solution."

David J. Schwartz
1927-1987, Author

Health To You!

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