Green Stevia

I just had to call and thank you. The alfalfa and green stevia have helped me so much! You make it simple. I wanted you to know I appreciate what you do there on the farm,” - Corry in Florida

I am tough; I don't give praise easily. I don't exaggerate either. I am profoundly satisfied with your organic green stevia powder! It exceeded all my expectations. It made a significant change to the way I eat sweet things. Meaning my cravings are less, and less, and less. It is a game changer for me! I make your Green Stevia Water recipe and I add fresh lemon and thin sliced cucumber. It really is a game changer. Thank you. - Ellen, New York

The pH Happy Caps is what helped me lose 60 pounds. Phil said to try the green stevia to get rid of my migraine, but I was at work and my green stevia was at home. Phil asked if I had any of the Suede Hills Stevia Bark Teas at work, I did, I tried one and it worked! Migraine gone. - Patsy

I have to tell you, your suggestion to try your green stevia for my migraines worked! How good it is to have a natural remedy! - Valerie

I am so pleased with your wonderful products (alfalfa, olive leaf, green stevia)and how fast they are delivered. My psoriasis is gone after a week!! I just wondered if I am able to give you my Visa number and have a standing order shipped every month? - Anne

Is there anything else you do that is unique to make your stevia taste so good? I just can't get over how different yours tastes compared to other organic green stevias. - Julie Beyer owner For the Love of Food

p.s. Julie uses Suede Hills Organic Farms, Green Leaf Stevia powder to make raw food treats that she retails in Vancouver BC and sells globally too!

Thank you for the very fast I just rec'd my order today. I am so glad I investigated stevia and now am more educated thanks to your postings as well as others. Like a lot of the population I believed the white powder stevia was "it"..... I thought I was buying something better than granulated sugar. I will read the info you have sent and sample the teas as well...Thank you for providing so much information...was like an ah-ha moment. Thanks!!! Chari

I just love your (Green) Stevia. I put it in my healthy shake everyday! - Jamie from Texas

Thanks for growing such wonderful products. - Barb Mc.

I made the Oat Wonder Cake and my husband (recently diagnosed with Diabetes) could not tell that it had no sugar in it. All I used was your Green Leaf Stevia Powder. Thanks, he can still have his sweets, and be safe. - Barb S.

I made that Oat cake on the info sheet that you sent, and it turned out really good. Thanks - Adrian

The green stevia has worked really well for me, it is the only sweetener that I use. Thanks for growing it. - Elisebeth

Your Amazing Raw Chocolate Pie made with your Green Stevia truly is amazing! Thanks for the recipe! - Ros

I made canned peaches with your green stevia, for my son, who just found out he was a diabetic, and he could not tell the difference. Thanks - Sylvia

All I did was eat some of that Oat Loaf that you made with green stevia and drink some of your stevia tea and my mouth and gums quit hurting! - Jean S.

We had your Green Stevia and then we tried another one, we definitely like yours better! - Rebeckah, Pure Earth Organics

I absolutely love your Green Leaf Stevia! It is a fantastic product! You have a repeat customer! - Chris C.

I just received your package today! I'm so excited: the stevia and alfalfa...and all the special treats you sent...tea and test strips ...and all the information. MANY thanks! I felt like I was opening a Christmas present! - Cynthia

Praise to you all! I just want to say "Thank you!" I wanted to let you know I am so pleased with your product (green stevia). However, I am even more pleased with your service. I think you are wonderful and I am so glad I found your website. I look forward to continue to do business with you. - Ashley P.

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