Grounding Sheets

I love my grounding sheet, but when I left for our Thanksgiving week I knew we'd be sleeping in different places all week and I didn't want to loose my sheet so I didn't bring it. After our week was over I was sore and couldn't sleep, I was ready to go home. Once I got home and slept on my bed with my grounding sheet I couldn't believe how great I felt in the morning! My aches were gone and I felt well rested! - Heather Shapcott Sole 2 Soul Shoes & Accessories West Kelowna B.C.

Suede Hills reply: Phil and I travel to many Health Shows, we always take our grounding sheet with us because after standing for 12 or more hours on cement my calves ache. This one time I left the grounding sheet on the bed and made the bed myself hoping the cleaning staff at the hotel would leave the bed alone. After the show we came back to the room, I went to sleep confident that my grounding sheet was going to do the trick and make my legs feel refreshed as usual.....not so this time. I couldn't figure it out, the grounding sheet always works! Well upon further investigation, the cleaning ladies HAD re-made the bed, BUT they put the grounding sheet under the bottom sheet, instead of on top of the bottom sheet, unbeknownst to me. It just proved to me that it was not all in my head that the grounding sheet makes a huge difference in cellular repair and aiding overall rejuvenating plus well being. - Cindy Levington co-owner Suede Hills Organic Farm

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