Olive Leaf Powder

Well!! You have once again made a huge positive difference in my life!! I followed your suggestions and ate a very alkalizing diet. I began making the smoothie you so fondly describe as a Schmunkie!! I have never eaten this much alkaline food and lo and behold my tummy upset is gone!! It was very severely upset. The doctors had a whole list of pills to suggest, but I thought "Hey wait a minute. I will follow this diet very very carefully and take the alfalfa and olive leaf. Thank-you soooo much, once again…. This is really awesome. - Olinda

You already know your pH Happy Caps are gold, you don't know how much.

I have used the pHHC off and on for a few years now, but never consistently.

Two years ago I started to lose my fingernail and for a woman this is not pretty, in fact very embarrassing.

I went to the Doctor, was told there is NO CURE for fungus in toes or fingers but there is a drug, that is as strong as a Chemo drug that I could take, but it can destroy the liver, so I would be on it for three months and I needed to be careful, no drinking etc.

Don't usually take any drugs but wanted my finger cured so I took this drug and success. But it was short lived, after a couple of months my nails started to break down again.

Back to Doctor, he suggested the drug again and I made the choice, I'd rather lose my nail than my liver. He said it was the right choice.

Tried the Olive Leaf Powder capsules after every meal, didn't help. (Suede Hills says they should be taken BEFORE meals.) Decided to start on the pH Happy Caps again and if I do nothing else I would stick with it and I have. Six months later and I have to tell you my nail has grown back.

I was told there was no cure but this has to be the difference because there is no other consistent change that I have made over the last six months. I am thrilled and now my skeptic husband is taking pH Happy Caps. - Carolyn A.

I really love the alfalfa and olive leaf and take them frequently throughout the day and Happy Caps at night. I am finding that they are making a big difference with arthritis, colds etc. Have a great day - Bev

I have been on this stuff (pH Happy Caps, Alfalfa caps and Olive Leaf Caps) for 3 months and I gotta tell ya, this stuff works! I really feel better. - Henry S. Kamloops

Since taking your alfalfa and olive leaf caps I don't even get cold sores anymore! - Otto R.

Since starting the alfalfa, olive leaf and happy caps in April I have had numerous benefits which include

- a LOT more energy that lasts me the whole day
- huge relief from PMS mood swings and cramps
- a wonderful boost in libido :)

But most importantly being able to manage my illness with no medication. I took a huge leap of faith and gave up my last form of treatment and have been off it successfully since April 8th! I am ecstatic about this as I haven't been able to do that yet! I feel amazing and recommend this to everyone :)" - Cheryl S.

For many years my nasal passage gradually closed while sleeping, causing me to wake up gasping for air and my heart racing. Seen many doctors with no success or options, left me wearing breathe right strips every night with little relief. Started taking Suede Hills happy caps,olive leaf & alfalfa powder, within 2 weeks sleeping full nights without any problems. I feel so much better with so much more energy.Thanks to Cindy & Phil for there wonderful products an getting my life back to normal. - Jim from Nova Scotia

I just got back from a 3 week trip, and I didn't take my "stuff " (pH Happy Caps, Alfalfa and Olive Leaf) Boy, did I notice my energy level drop! Now that I am home, I am back on the "Suede Hills alkalizing program" and my energy has increased and I feel great! - Steve

It was the third time my daughter had been diagnosed with pneumonia, the doctor of course gave her another prescription for antibiotics. This time we didn't fill it. Instead I called and talked to Cindy. She suggested that my daughter take 1 tablespoon of Olive Leaf powder 3 times per day until it was gone and on the third day it was gone! Thank you! - Tracy

I am so pleased with your wonderful products (alfalfa, olive leaf, green stevia)and how fast they are delivered. My psoriasis is gone after a week!! I just wondered if I am able to give you my Visa number and have a standing order shipped every month? - Anne

I had nausea, dysentery, sweating, high temperature, dementia setting in. Barely having much energy from being so dehydrated I took 12 of your Olive Leaf Capsules with some water and in half an hour, I felt as though I had never been sick at all! WOW!! Your Olive Leaf capsules worked better, faster, stronger and safer than any prescription antibiotic I had ever taken. - K. Gracey, Vancouver, BC

I was traveling abroad; I had the runs, was out of it for several hours. I remembered the benefits of Olive Leaf, I took a heaping teaspoon and in 2 hours I was up and about. I had even regained my appetite. - R.K. Northern Ireland

I think you guys are the only reason I am still alive! I feel so good on these things (pH Happy Caps, Alfalfa caps and Olive Leaf caps) - Henry Pedersen, Kamloops

I was in Germany on a bike tour when someone told me to get on your products and to make sure to get on your newsletter list too! You're famous around the world! Your stuff comes highly recommended! It's a small world isn't it? - Surrey, BC

Since I started taking the Totally Awesome Trio (alfalfa, olive leaf and pH Happy Caps) are my guts ever happy! - Farmers' Market customer

My IBS has been so bad in the past I have had to quit my job. I had diarrhea everyday. I started taking your Longevity Blend during the day and the pH Happy Caps at night. After the first night the diarrhea stopped! I have been on your stuff for a month now...I am thrilled with the results! - Tina

When I cheat and have wheat or wine my arthritis gets so bad I can hardly move my hands, and my brain gets so agitated. So I just take my Alfalfa and pH Happy Caps and I feel so much better. - Trudy

"Since starting the Suede Hills Alfalfa, Olive Leaf and pH Happy Caps in April, I have had numerous benefits which include:

- a LOT more energy that lasts me the whole day
- huge relief from PMS mood swings and cramps
- a wonderful boost in libido :)
- But most importantly being able to manage my illness with no medication.

I have been diagnosed with Dermatomyositis, which is a cousin to Lupus, but more rare and severe.

I took a huge leap of faith and gave up my last form of treatment I.V.I.G., (Intravenous Immune Globulin), which required an implant under the skin of my chest, that every 2 weeks drips a "blood product" into a valve in my heart. This treatment costs $15,000.00 per month and I have been off it successfully since April 8th! That is 4 months!!!

I am ecstatic about this!

I have made 3 previous attempts to get off the treatment, but I had such severe reactions within 3 weeks, and if I waited 3 months I ended up in a wheelchair, therefore I had to continue with them....that is until now!

I feel amazing! I recommend this alkalizing path to everyone :)" ~ Cheryl

Note from Suede Hills*****

Cheryl has been eating the Phil's Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie since she started working with us, and she takes her pH Happy Caps at night....she has made great strides in eating a more alkalizing diet. Cheryl still partakes in some typical acid forming food and drink choices, but has reported that her body lets her know that it is not happy when she does this.

If someone with such severe health issues can turn her life experience around, so can you!

Discovering you guys has been the biggest improvement in my health (digestive issues), it has been dramatic, and long lasting! - Olinda

I have been maintaining an alkaline diet as well as taking your alfalfa and your pH happy caps. I have energy and clarity! I just started a new job with a huge learning curve. I don't think that I could have handled it without the help of your products and my alkaline diet. - Barb

I started taking Suede Hills Alfalfa, Olive Leaf and pH happy Caps products on the recommendation of a client. I started feeling better right away. My energy level has increased, which has had a big impact on my ability to grow my business. One day I had a tooth ache, so I took 6 of the Olive Leaf caps three times that day, before you know the problem was gone! - Mac

I just thought I let you guys know, how happy you made me yesterday.. I ordered on Sunday night and received my Package yesterday. I was so excited. Then I opened it just to find the card with the writing “you are awesome” that was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much! I also wanted to let you know that it is so kind to get a hand written card, it makes it even more special.. You made my evening with all these little but so important things, it shows that you guys care.. Thank you so much for the tea sample. I'm going to order some, it's so delicious!!

I will definitely tell all my friends about you guys. - Susann

Thanks for your wonderful customer service today, it was really nice talking to you. Thanks also for being willing to send me some information about your other products which I was very interested in as well, I'm really looking forward to reading the information package you sent to me along with my order. Today's order was only the beginning, I'll be a regular customer from now on & I look forward speaking to you again when I place my new order. Thanks again, Matty :)

I just want to say how delighted I am to have met you. I have been thrilled with the results over the past year and am looking forward to getting even better this year. You are an amazing inspiration. - Olinda

I am so happy! I used to always have a bladder infection. I was told it comes with old age. But since I have been taking my pH Happy Caps, alfalfa caps and olive leaf caps I haven't had a bladder infection for over 6 months. - Thanks, Esther

I used your Health Away From Home package while traveling through Europe. i was the only one in my party that didn't get sick. When I returned home I didn't have any jet lag and actually went to my yoga class. - Marlene

I just received your package today! I'm so excited: the stevia and alfalfa...and all the special treats you sent...tea and test strips ...and all the information. MANY thanks! I felt like I was opening a Christmas present! - Cynthia

Awesome service! Our box of a fresh new start to our health arrived today! Thank you for the tea samples and book as well. Now the learning curve begins! We are excited to start our alkaline life style. Sincere regards in health.

Here is a home-grown testimony.

Eight year old Ryder has had Asthma for several years. He has even been hospitalized for this condition
on a couple of occasions.

His dad says it is scary to watch while his son can hardly breathe, and when he does  breathe, Ryder could only take very shallow, short breaths. The doctors recommend that Ryder use his puffer daily, or a liquid medication.

Since Ryder started eating his Mini Morning Motivator, and eating more fresh foods and less animal protein, packaged or processed "foods", he is now able to run, and play with his siblings without any breathing problems. He even came to show off for us that he can now do 25 push ups!

P.S. It has been 3 months since Ryder has taken ANY medication!!!!

I was at the Calgary Health show recently and stopped by your booth to purchase the alfalfa and olive leaf powder. Upon returning home I have tried Phil's ultimate breakfast blend and let me tell you I like it. I am glad I stopped at your booth and picked up your products. After recently doing a 12 day cleanse (which was very restricted as to the food that you could consume while on the cleanse this is when I decided to purchase the Nutribullet. Because I prefer eating vegetables raw as opposed to cooking them (as you cook out all the nutrients) this is when I incorporated the nutriblasts as it works better than a juicer as you utilize the entire vegetable and get the added benefit(as opposed to juicing when the best part is discarded). Who would think that by having a couple of vegetable and fruit blasts on a daily basis you start feeling amazing. I have noticed a huge difference since I purchased my Nutribullet and started making my concoctions. Now that I have your products it can only get better from here.

Take care and if I am ever in the area I would love to stop by your place. Thanks for doing what you do and helping others in the meantime to a more healthier and productive lifestyle. - Ollie

Cindy, I thank you for the kick in the butt I needed. I started the Happy Caps & already have positive results! In two days I went from 5.5 to 6.2! I stopped drinking poison = Diet Coke = and swear the Happy Caps are what has kept me from going thru headache withdrawal!!! In addition, I had the YES attitude required to attend an all day fitness conference in which I was able to do 25 minutes of Yoga, and 25 minutes of Coach Trill's Functional Fit Class and then go out and dance for three hours...

I sincerely thank your absolute love and care and NO B.S. approach to how vital our health is and what I need to change to turn things around! I appreciated the reminders and thank both you and Phil for sharing your wisdom on the health benefits of alfalfa, olive leaf, green stevia, and the Happy Caps!

Today I have direction!

Tomorrow I'll be starting a fitness regime with Coach Trill. I continue to take the Happy Caps, and look forward to more positive results! I have at least three other women wanting to come meet you and hear about your products! - Warm Regards, Tracey K

After hearing about your products & their importance to our health from friends, we ordered our first bag of loose alfalfa powder, olive leaf powder & a bag of pH Happy Caps, along with the pH testing paper. There are 3 adults in our home.

The first incredible result came within the first week. I am 52 & have been going through my change of life. I have been having extreme (like blasting out of my skin) "Hot" Flash eruptions several times a day. By the end of the first week on these 3 products from Suede Hills, these hormone imbalances quickly tapered off to none. It was like a switch got turned to "normal" in my hormonal needs & communications & I've not had a Hot Flash in about a week & a half! Wow, was that fast! I had even been on well known & pricey menopause supplement from the health food stores for a year or more, but your green combo hit the target without delay!!

Secondly, our daughter has had Type One Diabetes since age 6. She is now 22 yrs old. Over the two weeks she's been on the same above products plus daily exercise, she has had to lower her insulin dose gradually over the past 2 weeks, from 36 units per day to 26 units per day. That is remarkable!

It is truly amazing what God has created for our food & medicine & that you have found it, researched it & worked hard to prepare it to share with others. We appreciate & thank God for you!!

We look forward to our second order arriving! - Blessings! Robyn B

Your booth was the best at The Wellness Show (Vancouver), with REAL products for your health! Bless you for doing what you do and we look forward to meeting you again. - Chantelle

Rated in the top 12 "must see booths" at the Fraser Valley Health and Wellness Show Nov. 2009 - by Show Producer, Nancy Block

Thank you so much for your very kind words in your note upon receiving my shipment! It touched my heart. You and your products give me "hope" to get my health back and the quality of your products are exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to a long working relationship with you in the future. Blessings to you and your husband! - In Love Pierre Pfautsch

Praise to you all! I just want to say "Thank you!" I wanted to let you know I am so pleased with your product (green stevia). However, I am even more pleased with your service. I think you are wonderful and I am so glad I found your website. I look forward to continue to do business with you. - Ashley P.

I love ALL your products! - Chantal R.

I saw Suede Hills Organic Farms at a show, and after testing my pH (testing at a pale yellow), I bought the pH Happy Caps and the Alfalfa powder. I began taking both that night. Now just three days later I measured my pH and it was between 6.6 and 6.8! Great improvement! I read your book and found it very informative as well! - Gabrielle S.

My husband was very skeptical for the first 14 years of our marriage regarding the mental and physical problems resulting from having an acidic body. I changed myself first by alkalizing my pH levels. He then followed and our relationship has improved within one week after him starting the pH Happy Caps and Alfalfa powder. The test is in the urine! The proof is in the positive attitude! - Anita

I first visited Cindy and Phil from Suede Hills Organic Farms at the Celiac convention in Kelowna. Their product was just what I was searching for. I am a celiac and I have had very poor health for the past three years. My body does not absorb minerals or vitamins like typical people so I was searching for something that would be easily absorbed in my body. Within the first week of taking their pH Happy Caps and Alfalfa I noticed a huge difference in my pH levels. My body was starting to heal and become less acidic. I have continued taking these daily and have added the alfalfa powder in my shake in the morning. I am starting to feel the benefits of these powerful green supplements. I also go to see a naturopath on a regular basis and she has taken me off all other supplements EXCEPT my Alfalfa and my pH Happy Caps. Thanks for introducing me to such a great product Suede Hills, I am hooked for life. - Trenna A.

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