pH Happy Caps

I have been using your products for a while now. I used to take probiotics and enzymes to help deal with IBS and Lupus, but now I depend on your Organic Alfalfa, Olive Leaf and Happy Caps. I start to panic if my supply runs low because they make it so I can eat without pain. It is flippin’ amazing. - Debbie, Kamloops B.C.

I am so impressed with how well I have been sleeping since I started taking the pH Happy Caps! - Maria, Mission B.C.

Recently, my naturopath prescribed BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE® to improve my PH; However, I continued to get readings of 5.9 at my lowest times of the day (10pm and 6am). I told her about Happy Caps and am happy to report my numbers at 10pm and 6am range from 7.4 to 8! I am committed to Happy Caps! - Carol H

Since I have been taking your Happy Caps it seems to settle my stomach out and acid reflux too, and I can sleep at night. Big bonus!” - Kim, Oliver B.C.

I took the pH Happy Caps and got rid of Psoriasis.I ran out and didn’t reorder and now the Psoriasis is back and that is why I am buying 2 BIG Packages!” - Farmers’ Market customer, Kamloops B.C.

I was plagued with hot flashes. They have all gone away! I have been taking your Alfalfa and pH Happy Caps because my son recommended them to me, he uses your products. I have been dealing with menopause issues for 10 years. Now I am recommending your products to my friend. - Kelowna

Day 1 for me, took 8 happy caps on empty stomach last night, no numb hands while I slept for first time in months, arthritis is my bane… thanks for making me happy. - Kitty C.

The pH Happy Caps is what helped me lose 60 pounds. Phil said to try the green stevia to get rid of my migraine, but I was at work and my green stevia was at home. Phil asked if I had any of the Suede Hills Stevia Bark Teas at work, I did, I tried one and it worked! Migraine gone. - Patsy

I have been taking your alfalfa caps and pH Happy Caps and I wake up feeling so alert! I don't crave Cheetos and cookies anymore. I feel full, satisfied. I have tried other alfalfa before but it never made me feel like this. I feel so good! - Beryl, The Bahamas

You already know your pH Happy Caps are gold, you don't know how much. I have used the pH HC off and on for a few years now, but never consistently. Two years ago I started to lose my fingernail and for a woman this is not pretty, in fact very embarrassing.

I went to the Doctor, was told there is NO CURE for fungus in toes or fingers but there is a drug, that is as strong as a Chemo drug that I could take, but it can destroy the liver, so I would be on it for three months and I needed to be careful, no drinking etc.

Don't usually take any drugs but wanted my finger cured so I took this drug and success. But it was short lived, after a couple of months my nails started to break down again.

Back to Doctor, he suggested the drug again and I made the choice, I'd rather lose my nail than my liver. He said it was the right choice.

Tried the Olive Leaf Powder capsules after every meal, didn't help. (Suede Hills says they should be taken BEFORE meals.) Decided to start on the pH Happy Caps again and if I do nothing else I would stick with it and I have. Six months later and I have to tell you my nail has grown back.

I was told there was no cure but this has to be the difference because there is no other consistent change that I have made over the last six months. I am thrilled and now my skeptic husband is taking pH Happy Caps. - Carolyn A.

I really love the alfalfa and olive leaf and take them frequently throughout the day and Happy Caps at night. I am finding that they are making a big difference with arthritis, colds etc. Have a great day - Bev

I have been on this stuff (pH Happy Caps, Alfalfa caps and Olive Leaf Caps) for 3 months and I gotta tell ya, this stuff works! I really feel better. - Henry S. Kamloops

Since starting the alfalfa, olive leaf and happy caps in April I have had numerous benefits which include

- a LOT more energy that lasts me the whole day
- huge relief from PMS mood swings and cramps
- a wonderful boost in libido :)

But most importantly being able to manage my illness with no medication. I took a huge leap of faith and gave up my last form of treatment and have been off it successfully since April 8th! I am ecstatic about this as I haven't been able to do that yet! I feel amazing and recommend this to everyone :) - Cheryl S.

For many years my nasal passage gradually closed while sleeping, causing me to wake up gasping for air and my heart racing. Seen many doctors with no success or options, left me wearing breathe right strips every night with little relief. Started taking Suede Hills happy caps,olive leaf & alfalfa powder, within 2 weeks sleeping full nights without any problems. I feel so much better with so much more energy.Thanks to Cindy & Phil for there wonderful products an getting my life back to normal. - Jim from Nova Scotia

I just got back from a 3 week trip, and I didn't take my "stuff " (pH Happy Caps, Alfalfa and Olive Leaf) Boy, did I notice my energy level drop! Now that I am home, I am back on the "Suede Hills alkalizing program" and my energy has increased and I feel great! - Steve

I have been taking your pH Happy Caps for a couple of years now. I have noticed that since taking them I haven’t had a cold or the flu, not even the sniffles, and I have a son in elementary school! They usually bring home all kinds of things!- Trudy

I started taking your pH Happy Caps and in two weeks my Psoriasis was gone! I had tried everything, even the really strong stuff from the doctor, and ones with cortisone, and nothing worked. I went off the pH Happy Caps and it came back. So I am back on them! They work. - David PG

You are such an incredible inspiration!!! Words cannot explain how thankful I am to you. Two years ago I met you at a show in Vancouver. For years I had been looking for help with my irritable bowel and after starting to use the pH happy caps and then adding the alfalfa and olive leaf my health has steadily improved. My bowels are much much better. My sleep has improved!! My energy has increased. And one more delightful benefit I just noticed. The cracks in my toe nails have been growing closed!!! These cracks have been there for years. That put a smile on my face. I understand the nails can indicate general health. Again many many thanks. - Olinda

I’m an equipment operator and I had very painful hemorrhoids. I started taking the pH Happy Caps at night and the alfalfa caps in the morning. The hemorrhoids slowly went away and now they are gone! I am ecstatic about that! I haven’t had a gout flare up since I started taking these capsules either. I used to get groggy about 3 pm and now I feel good, lots of energy I do motocross and now I am looking forward to spring because I have so much energy and feel so good. I feel like I am 25 again, and I am 54!

My wife is taking the petite pH Happy Caps and she feels better too. - T.R. Grande Prairie, AB

Those pH Happy Caps help me sleep so sound. I have always had trouble sleeping, but not anymore! Thanks again - Kory, Kamloops B.C.

The pH Happy Caps is the only thing that has helped my daughter’s Acid Reflux. - Karen H.

I was diagnosed with Arthritis 20 years ago, I started taking the pH Happy Caps last Saturday, and I haven’t taken any pain killers for a week! I have more energy; I actually slept for 8 hours! - Conrad

I’m happy to report that my Gout symptoms disappeared after just two days of starting your “alkalizing treatment” (pH Happy Caps). Keep sharing the pH and health “secret”. - Regards, David

You are my lifesaver! I was 89 pounds and now I am healthy. I eat my Schmunkie and take my pH Happy Caps. - Pelwi R

I am a welder, and I find that if I take my pH Happy Caps, my eyes don’t hurt. I sure notice a big difference. - John W.

I decided to eat Thanksgiving dinner. The next morning I woke up all achy, so I decided to take 6 pH Happy Caps in the morning and wait an hour before eating. What I noticed was that after taking the Happy Caps all the aching went away BEFORE the hour was up! I need to get more before we go to Arizona this winter” - Trudy

Boy, do I sleep good when I take those pH Happy Caps! - The Pallet Guy

The Arthritis in my knee has caused a lot of swelling. I have been taking the pH Happy Caps and the swelling has gone down. I have a lot more energy too, I need it, because I have 3, one year old boys in my daycare this year! - Elsie

I had Plantar Fasciitis, which progressed to the tearing of both Achilles tendons. It was painful. I did everything the doctors suggested. I ended up going and getting stem cell injections, at great expense to me. Yet I still didn't get relief. I took the pH happy Caps one night and when I got up the next morning, I realized I had just walked down the stairs without pain! Needless to say I am excited. Now I want to know what else you have that will benefit me. - Kathy

Remembering to take the pH Happy Caps, Alfalfa and Olive leaf is my trouble. But I know when I do take them I feel better. - Bonny

I'm sleeping so much better because of the pH Happy Caps, and my daughter-in-law asked if I had lost weight. - Marcy

You are my lifesaver! I was 89 pounds and now I am healthy. I eat my schmunkie and take my happy caps.- Pelwi

This is a testimonial to let people know what a fantastic product Suede Hills happy caps are. I take two every night and my PH stays perfect at 7.2 to 7.4 every morning. Which is perfect for the digestion. Thanks Phil and Cindy. - Vi Bertram

I've been dealing with arthritis, muscle pain, fatigue and had a stroke. I've been using the Alfalfa, Olive Leaf and Happy Caps for about a month. Today I was outside cleaning up my boat and managed to run a few errands. I didn't have the energy before. I love your stuff! - Mike

After my throat surgery I could not swallow the Happy Caps that I had been taking. I wanted to continue working on my alkalinity so I tried taking Vital Green. I was not pleased with the results. When I had healed from the surgery I went back to taking the Happy Caps. They work 50 times better! I tested better than 7.4. I was royal purple! - Rick from Horsefly, BC

"I'm happy to report that my gout symptoms disappeared after just two days of starting your "alkalizing treatment".(pH Happy Caps) Keep sharing the pH and health 'secret'." Regards - David (Kamloops, B.C.)

Suede Hills reply: **David came to us after having tried the traditional methods, and we do beleive he had even gone to a naturopath. Note**When you give the body the simple tools it requires, you get the results you are after!! Way to go David!)

"There's no doubt it works!" Taking 3 pH Happy Caps every night removes the pain from Gout. If I don't take them I can feel the pain returning. - Ray from Kamloops

I can't live without this magic stuff. - Rebecca from Kansas

I received my Disease Eraser Package (pH Happy Caps, Alfalfa Powder and Disease Eraser Book) this morning..... WOW. All that was in that package was pure LOVE!! Thanks for the book (Disease Eraser), it has everything in it that I wanted to share with my family. It is required reading for all of them and the facts that you share give it straight and simple and clearly. Thank you!! - Beck L.

We took the capsules (pH Happy Caps) last night. To our surprise I tested 6.4 before and the morning after I was 8. One night wow! I have faith that this will be another turning point in my over all wife was 5.5 and then she tested a 6 (on the pH) this morning...wish I would have tried your capsules (pH Happy Caps) a long time ago. - Paul R.

I met you at The Wellness Show 2010 (Vancouver)... I was the 33 year old with the "off-the-chart" acidity! I have been taking the pH Happy Caps nightly... I made the MMM Smoothie (Schmunkie)...I took my pH test today and the color was dark green at 7.2 Whoa! Quite a difference, eh? p.s. I finished reading your Disease Eraser book, good stuff! - Jennifer T.

I'm blue, I'm blue!!! I have been taking your pH Happy Caps for a week now. If you remember, I was off the chart yellow (acid), and in one week I am blue, at 7.4! My wife has been telling me that I am acidic, and that it is important to change that. You have given me an easy way to do it! Thank you. - Steve Rockwell, host of "Call of the Minorett"

....all I know is that I have energy now, I just pop up out of my lounge chair, where before I could hardly get up. - Jack M.

I went away for a few days, but I left the pH Happy Caps with my husband. He has Gout and he is a Diabetic. He had a hard time moving and he was sore all over. He couldn't even walk to the end of our driveway. When I came home I found him walking all over our 5 acre property! I was amazed! Then he tells me that he went to a trade show and walked all around the coliseum several times, and it was on cement floors! He never could have done that before. His 40 year old son was with him and had a hard time keeping up with his dad, so now we need more pH Happy Caps for his son! - Barbara S.

We have several of our relatives (with many different ailments) taking your pH Happy Caps now. They are all getting great results. It sure is nice to get those pH test strips with the pH Happy Caps, because it just confirms for you when your numbers come up as to why you feel so good. Oh, some of the comments have been, more clarity, aches and pains have disappeared, more energy, and an overall sense of just feeling better. Thanks once again - Barbara S.

We bought your bottle of pH Happy Caps. Then I ran out, and didn't bother to get any more.....I sure noticed a difference. I am re-ordering, but I hope you are going to make larger quantities, I don't want to run out again. - Steve

Suede Hills reply: Not to worry Steve, we have created bags of 300 and 600 pH Happy Caps, that will last you a good long time. We also offer a "standing order" option with free shipping too. This is where our customers tell us to send a set amount of our product to them automatically every one or two months, whatever works for them. Now you do not have to run out or be concerned with shipping costs ever again!

That stuff (pH Happy Caps) works! The wound on the side of my head is finally starting to heal. I like that Alfalfa stuff too, it really cleans you out, I don't have stinky feet any more either. - Martin

I could be your spokes person!! In one week my mood has changed greatly! My energy has improved, my muscles aren't sore and I am even sleeping better. - Leslie Morganstern (This is from a young mother.)

In only 3 days my digestion has greatly improved, and my daughter says. "Keep taking those Happy pills, they are working!" - Kim K.

Last week you told me about pH Happy Caps for my depression. It has only been a week since I have been taking them (pH Happy Caps) and I am already off the medication, and I feel great. Thanks! - Carl (This is from a young man.)

I was diagnosed with Arthritis 20 years ago, I started taking the pH Happy Caps last Saturday, and I haven't taken any pain killers for a week! I have more energy, I actually slept for 8 hours! - Conrad

The pH Happy Caps are the only thing that has helped my daughters acid reflux. - Karen H.

My sister and I shared a bag of 300 pH Happy Caps, I noticed that my sugar cravings have gone away! I craved sugar all day long, I could have eaten candy all day, I didn't, but I wanted to. Now I don't crave sugar at all, and that is a good thing. - K.M.

I am a diabetic, and due to my diabetes I have vision issues. The pH Happy Caps made me happy! Within 3 days I felt an actual shift. My eye specialist has just confirmed that my vision is improving and my diabetes has leveled out, all within three months! - Fran

Those pH Happy Caps are the only reason I can climb the stairs to my bedroom! - JJM

I've been taking the happy pills at night (as has my husband), I was SO shocked as I hadn't expected it to change so quickly from yellow. I make a shake every morning with the Alfalfa and the olive leaf powder and feel great! - Esther

My husband and I have been taking the pH Happy Caps for only a week and we are already feeling MUCH better. Our pH has risen already too! Thanks so much! - Sonanta

You couldn't have sent me anything better than your book (Disease Eraser by Cindy Levington). Your recipes have made me feel so good. I believe in what you are doing. The pH Happy Caps have helped my digestion so much!

I didn't get sick at all last winter. That's why I am re-ordering the bag of 600 Alfalfa Caps and bag of 300 pH Happy Caps too! Thanks! - Heather T.

I am taking your pH Happy Caps and Olive Leaf and I want to thank you. I don't know if the herpes is totally gone or in remission but I finally an have a normal sex life!

Those pH Happy Caps sure work, they help me sleep so sound. I have always had trouble sleeping, but not any more. Thanks again - Kory

I am glad you gave my son some of the pH Happy Caps to share with our family. I have always had trouble sleeping. Now I know it if I have forgotten to take them. Sure am glad to get some sleep. - Jim

I really notice a difference when I take the pH Happy Caps, thanks! Doreen C

Those pH Happy Caps are an amazing product! They have saved me many times! Darlene F

I woke up around 2:00 am with every cold symptom in the world, bad headache, achy and a sore throat. I took some of your Happy Caps and Olive Leaf Capsules and went back to bed. I woke up that morning feeling fine. Whatever it was didn't take. Daniel

When I cheat and have wheat or wine my arthritis gets so bad I can hardly move my hands, and my brain gets so agitated. So I just take my Alfalfa and pH Happy Caps and I feel so much better. - Trudy

I have been maintaining an alkaline diet as well as taking your alfalfa and your pH happy caps. I have energy and clarity! I just started a new job with a huge learning curve. I don't think that I could have handled it without the help of your products and my alkaline diet. - Barb

Cindy, I thank you for the kick in the butt I needed. I started the Happy Caps & already have positive results! In two days I went from 5.5 to 6.2! I stopped drinking poison = Diet Coke = and swear the Happy Caps are what has kept me from going thru headache withdrawal!!! In addition, I had the YES attitude required to attend an all day fitness conference in which I was able to do 25 minutes of Yoga, and 25 minutes of Coach Trill's Functional Fit Class and then go out and dance for three hours...

I sincerely thank your absolute love and care and NO B.S. approach to how vital our health is and what I need to change to turn things around! I appreciated the reminders and thank both you and Phil for sharing your wisdom on the health benefits of alfalfa, olive leaf, green stevia, and the Happy Caps!

Today I have direction!

Tomorrow I'll be starting a fitness regime with Coach Trill. I continue to take the Happy Caps, and look forward to more positive results! I have at least three other women wanting to come meet you and hear about your products! - Warm Regards, Tracey K

I saw Suede Hills Organic Farms at a show, and after testing my pH (testing at a pale yellow), I bought the pH Happy Caps and the Alfalfa powder. I began taking both that night. Now just three days later I measured my pH and it was between 6.6 and 6.8! Great improvement! I read your book and found it very informative as well! - Gabrielle S.

My husband was very skeptical for the first 14 years of our marriage regarding the mental and physical problems resulting from having an acidic body. I changed myself first by alkalizing my pH levels. He then followed and our relationship has improved within one week after him starting the pH Happy Caps and Alfalfa powder. The test is in the urine! The proof is in the positive attitude! - Anita

I first visited Cindy and Phil from Suede Hills Organic Farms at the Celiac convention in Kelowna. Their product was just what I was searching for. I am a celiac and I have had very poor health for the past three years. My body does not absorb minerals or vitamins like typical people so I was searching for something that would be easily absorbed in my body. Within the first week of taking their pH Happy Caps and Alfalfa I noticed a huge difference in my pH levels. My body was starting to heal and become less acidic. I have continued taking these daily and have added the alfalfa powder in my shake in the morning. I am starting to feel the benefits of these powerful green supplements. I also go to see a naturopath on a regular basis and she has taken me off all other supplements EXCEPT my Alfalfa and my pH Happy Caps. Thanks for introducing me to such a great product Suede Hills, I am hooked for life. - Trenna A.

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