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Suede Hills Organic Farm FAQs

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT doctors! Suede Hills was founded by Phil and Cindy Levington: raw vegan, organic farmers who have over 50 years of combined natural-health focused experience, which in our opinion, may be of great benefit to you! The suggestions made are opinions only and based on Phil and Cindy’s personal experience as well as from the feedback and testimonies of our awesome customers.


General Suede Hills Store Information

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  • Does Suede Hills offer consultation services or classes for those wanting to learn more?

    • To book your consultation, please call (toll free) 1-877-682-1188.
      • We offer one on one consultations in person and over the phone.
        • Fee: $50.00 per thirty-minute increment, payable in advance by credit card.
      • Group classes are based on demand.
        • For 6+ people wanting to take our “Back to Basics, Get Alkaline = Get Well” class, please contact us for dates and price per attendee.
      • Other options from our online store:
        • The Disease Eraser Book, by Cindy J. Levington
        • Back to the Basics Audio CD, by Cindy J. Levington
  • Shipping via Canada Post

    • Orders Monday - Friday before 11 a.m. PST usually ship same day or next business day.
    • Orders to the United States are sent Air Mail and will arrive in 6-10 Business days. These orders ship Canada Post, must clear US Customs, and then be delivered to the US Postal Service.
      • Tracking numbers to US addresses are sent from Canada Post to your email if you provided us one..

    Toll Free Number

    If we miss your call, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

    • 1-877-682-1188. Valid though all of Canada and United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska)
    • Local: 250-682-1188
  • Pricing on Website

    • All prices on the website are in Canadian dollars. If you are using a US credit card, you will be charged in Canadian dollars and then your credit card company will process the conversion to US dollars.
    • Note for US Customers: Your confirmation email will state the total in US dollars, but when the transaction processes, your credit card company will do the conversion.
    • Note for Canadian Customers: Your confirmation email will state US dollars for your order. We assure you this is not the case!
  • Toll Free Number

    If we miss your call, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

    • 1-877-682-1188. Valid though all of Canada and United States (including Hawaii and Alaska)
    • Local: 250-682-1188
  • Business Hours

    • Store hours:
      • Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    • Phone orders:
      • Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST. Please leave a message if we miss your call.
  • Location and Time Zone

    • We are in the Pacific Time Zone, located in Walhachin, British Columbia, Canada. Our mail ships from the little town of Savona, BC. If you are visiting our store on the farm and need directions, please call our toll free number: 1-877-682-1188.


General Product Questions

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  • What is the product shelf life?

    • 5 years is our estimation. There is so much nutrition to start with that even if some benefits were lost overtime, the nutrition that is left is far superior to anything available on store shelves.
  • What is the best way to store the powders and capsules?

    • Store in a dry place (such as a cupboard), out of the sunlight. DO NOT REFRIGERATE! Putting them in the fridge creates an environment for condensation to form.
  • What is a “Schmunkie?”

    • A “Schmunkie” is a cross between a smoothie and a Chunkie, thus a Schmunkie! Phil and Cindy use the Schmunkie as a cornerstone of their healthy and rejuvenating lifestyle. They find the recipe saves a lot of time and is a great way to re-mineralize and to aid in the daily healing of their body. Try the recipes we have on our website!
      • Schmunkie Recipe
      • Phil’s Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie
  • Can I take Suede Hills products while on medication?

    • Please note that we are NOT doctors or pharmacists. This is a big question and we can share with you what we have personally experienced.
    • Most people come to us when they have already decided they do not want to take meds anymore, yet there are also many who are in transition and simply moving in that direction.
    • Every body is different. You're life, your body, your choice. Our opinion is that of Hippocrates, “Let food by your medicine and medicine be your food.”
    • It is our understanding that most, if not all meds, leave an acidic residue in the body.
      • A few years ago Phil had a stent put in one of his heart vessels and was required (by the doctor) to take their medications for one year so the body wouldn’t reject the stent. He continued to use our organic alfalfa, olive leaf, green stevia, and pH Happy Caps the entire time. Over the course of one year, he had his meds quickly reduced and some eliminated because he was doing extremely well and did not require the meds!
        • Also note that alfalfa is a natural blood thinner, but not in the way a drug would be. Many of our customers, including Phil, consumed alfalfa while on blood thinner drugs. Phil just made sure the doctors monitored him while maintaining his alfalfa consumption. Thus, he benefited from the reduction on the drugs and still received the natural blood thinning benefits without the drugs negative side effects.
        • Alfalfa is also known to be a natural diuretic.
      • Olive Leaf tends to be a natural vasodilator meaning it relaxes the blood vessels. It has proved beneficial for many of our customers taking blood pressure meds to help them ween themselves off the meds.
        • Please note: We have received many testimonials from our customers telling us that when they got their body alkaline and maintained an alkaline body, the blood pressure issues simply disappeared.
        • Olive leaf has been known to be a natural diuretic as well.
  • Are Suede Hills products safe for children?

    • All of our products are considered food! We have heard many testimonies of our Olive Leaf Powder keeping children free of daycare sickness and diseases. We also encourage folks to acclimate their children to quality green nutrition, such as our Alfalfa Powder. Suede Hills products are for all ages!
  • What is your opinion on spirulina, blue-green algae, and chlorella?

    • Spirulina, blue-green algae, and chlorella have another name: “pond scum.” That’s what these supplements really are! We can never figure out why anyone would want to eat the organisms that act as water filters…they are all full of toxins! From what we can gather, the most benefit one could receive is from the chlorophyll, which is easy to get from any green plant, and without the potential of the toxins.
    • From our research, the purpose of algae is to clean stagnant water. Even the algae’s that are grown in glass tubes or vast ponds in tropical climates would be suspect. The big question to answer here is “What are they ‘feeding’ the algae,” and “is it of benefit to you?”
  • Why don’t your products have nutritional labels?

    • We have neither added anything to our products nor taken anything away. All our organic powders and capsules are simply the whole, naturally dried leaf ground into a find powder. This also applies to our Chocolate Mint and Spearmint leaves used to create our caffeine-free herbal teas.
    • There is nothing to quantify or qualify; our whole leaf powders are as nature intended. The natural drying process is the most wholesome way to preserve these precious leaves for year round consumption.
    • Do bananas, kale leaves, and avocados have nutrition labels on them?


Alkaline Specific Questions

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  • Do I need to continue taking probiotics once I achieve and alkaline body?

    • In our opinion, the reason you needed the probiotics in the first place was because your body was so acidic, it was killing off the good cells. Phil and Cindy have never taken probiotics, but the feedback from their customers say that once they get and stay alkaline on a consistent level, they no longer need probiotics because their system functions normally again.
  • Can pets benefit from getting alkaline?

    • The pH of a dog is supposed to be the same as a human, 7.4. Human food typically lacks real nutrition, and it is from our experience that pet food is made from the by-products of human food production. We feel that pets are really getting the shorter end of the stick nutritionally. Our pHil’s Happy Pet Supplement is a blend of our organic, human-grade Alfalfa and Olive Leaf powders and has proved to be a big nutritional and alkalizing boost for the pets too!
  • Is it possible to be too alkaline?

    • The potential is there, but highly unlikely for anyone living in North America, in our opinion. Most of the food we buy is devoid of real minerals and other natural nutrition that keeps the body alkaline. When food is made up of so many chemicals, we don’t believe it to be of any real value to the human body. The manufactured supplements are as void of usable nutrients and many are made from petrochemicals or GMO’d products.
    • Phil keeps his pH at approximately 8.5 and this has been verified via the medical system with his twice yearly exam.
  • What does “alkaline” mean and why does it matter?

    • We believe that getting your body to an alkaline state is the best way to facilitate optimum health. When your third or fourth pee of the morning reads at 7.4 or more, the cells are happy and able to do their individual jobs because they are hydrated and can oxygenate properly.
    • If your third pee isn’t until the afternoon, chances are you are NOT drinking enough water. If you drink tea, do not boil the water, get it to a warm temperature.


Alfalfa Questions

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  • How does Suede Hills organic mature alfalfa leaf powder compare to other greens?

    • The roots have the ability to go 100 ft deep and mine all the virgin alkaline soil, which is full of nutrition that other plants cannot even get to!
    • Shallow rooted greens depend on external fertilizers for their nutrient support. Unfortunately, most greens available to the mass market are grown in mineral deficient soil, lacking major nutritional and alkalizing components.
    • When you consume Suede Hills quality grown, mature alfalfa leaf powder, your body is receiving a full compliment of nutrients in their natural form. The nutrients are angstrom size, which is tiny enough to penetrate the cell wall and be fully utilized.
  • What is the difference between Suede Hills Organic Alfalfa and other alfalfa products?

    • Our plants have been growing in our naturally alkaline soil, watered with our naturally alkaline well water, minus any chemicals, for over 14 years! That means the roots have had the opportunity to go deep and bring up all the wonderful nutrition into the mature leaves for us to consume and reap great benefit from. We also hand harvest small areas of our alfalfa field at a time and place the fresh cut alfalfa in our greenhouses to dry naturally. This ensures that we dry as nature does without cooking the nutrients out of the leaves.
    • It has come to our attention that many of the “green products” on the store shelves list alfalfa powder as one of their ingredients. We are also aware that alfalfa is being grown in chemical troughs in greenhouses, then harvested after a few weeks, heat dried, ground up. and added to these “combination” green products.
      • If the alfalfa plant has not been grown in quality soil, actually connected to the Earth and all of nature’s benefits,  there is little value to the product, in our opinion.
      • The best way to find out the difference between our raw, organic, mature alfalfa leaf powder and any other “green products” is to try Suede Hills Organic Alfalfa Powder or our veggie capsules for a month, while setting aside your previous brand. Let your body show you the vast difference between the two.
  • Where do Phil & Cindy get their protein?

    • Because Phil & Cindy are vegans, they get asked this question a lot. Suede Hills Organic Alfalfa Powder has more protein than beef! Cows do not eat cows (unless of course man feeds it to them = Mad Cow Disease!). Cows left on their own eat alfalfa and grasses. Cows have large bones, muscles and teeth. They do not lack protein and neither will you!
    • Phil & Cindy have been vegans for more than ten years and they both enjoy healthy, active, pain-free bodies. Cindy has gone through menopause with a breeze and has no need to take any type of artificial calcium supplement, either. Suede Hills Organic Alfalfa Powder has them both covered with its plethora of nutrients!


Olive Leaf Questions

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  • What is the difference between Suede Hills Organic Olive Leaf Powder and olive leaf extract I bought at the store?

    • The biggest difference is: We actually grow, harvest, naturally dry, and grind our organic olive plant leaves into powder.
    • Any product that is an extract is an adulterated version of this natural product. Olive Leaf extracts sold in stores contain mostly fillers, read their labels for yourself.


Green Stevia Questions

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  • What is the difference between white stevia extract powder or liquid and Suede Hills Organic Green Stevia Powder?

    • The biggest difference is: We actually grow, harvest, naturally dry, and grind our organic green stevia plant leaves into powder.
    • The plant is green! Exactly how manufacturers take a green plant and vastly alter it to a white powder or a clear liquid is beyond our exact knowing. We find it highly suspect and would have to assume there is some sort of chemical processing or bleaching taking place.
    • It is alway in your best interest to read any ingredients list that may be provided. We have found that even though the box of white stevia extract packet says “organic stevia” on it, the ingredients list has stevia extract as the LAST ingredient and whatever filler(s) they have used are the majority of ingredients…and somehow this gets qualified as organic, and not that the stevia itself was organic.


Health Specific Questions

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  • Are your products safe for Pregnant women or nursing mothers?

    • Please note that we are not doctors and statements are of our opinion, based on personal experience and customer testimonials.
    • Our products are food with benefits! Our products are safe for both pregnant and nursing women. They are safe for anyone, young or old, male or female.
      • Alfalfa is nutrient rich and a great benefit to mom and baby. Plus, alfalfa is known to increase breast milk (that’s one reason they feed it to cows!).
      • Olive Leaf Powder builds the immune system and fights infection.
      • Green Stevia Leaf Powder is a natural sweetener with beneftis.
      • pH Happy Caps are a mineral blend that gives your body tools to repair at night.
    • All of which are beneficial attributes to the human body.
  • Can your products help Lupus or Autoimmune problems?

    • In careful research, its been found that Alfalfa sprouts have a toxin on the outside of the seed that remains after sprouting and this can be detrimental to folks diagnosed with Lupus.
    • On the other hand, we have had many folks with Lupus and other auto immune disorders who thrive on our mature organic alfalfa leaf powder. The mature leaf has the quality nutrition, natural detox ability, and inflammation busting tendencies that has been of great benefit to those who consistently consume Suede Hills organic mature alfalfa leaf powder as part of their healthy lifestyle.
  • Can your products help Gout?

    • We often hear that our pH Happy Caps have made gout disappear! It is also worth noting that there is success for those that didn’t change their diet (typically the cause of their gout), and just wanted the pain gone. Supplying the body with the mineral blend from the pH Happy Caps was enough to bring them relief. For a long term solution, we suggest eliminating those foods known to create uric acid.
  • Can your products help with Celiac Disease, IBS, and Crones?

    • It is a delicate balance of naturally detoxifying the intestinal tract as well as eliminating the infection that is almost always present. Our customers with Celiac Disease, IBS, and Crones have found starting with small serving sizes of our organic alfalfa and olive leaf powder has proved very effective. After a week or so of reduced serving sizes, they usually increase the quantity and reap even greater benefits. The body knows exactly how to utilize real food nutrition to heal itself. Bonus for these folks is the Organic Alfalfa powder is also loaded with nutrition, so even though the body is detoxing and repairing, it is also being nourished.
  • Can your products help improve your energy?

    • Energy increase is one of the first physical benefits of empowering your body with alkaline nutrition. Our Alfalfa Powder and pH Happy Caps are the ones most often cited.
  • Can your products help you sleep?

    • This is one of the first improvements people experience as they embark on this alkalizing journey. We hear many testimonies of better sleep, as well as feeling refreshed and energized!
  • Can your products help improve your Sex Life?

    • As your body becomes more alkaline, the more “normal” function of the cells occurs. We have heard many testimonies from young and older about the increase in their libido and their ability to perform. This applies to both men and women. When the body is acidic, the sex drive and function are the first two areas to be abandoned.
    • Men: We have put together an “alkaline package for him” called “HIS” Male Enhancement Package.
    • Ladies: We suggest our Longevity Blend along with the pH Happy Caps.
  • Can your products help with Constipation?

    • Getting enough minerals into the body, getting alkaline, and drinking enough water during the day helps to “move things along.” By using our Alfalfa Powder or pH Happy Caps, you are taking steps to provide your body the nutrients and minerals needed to get the body to an alkaline state.
      • This is where Suede Hills Organic Farm was born. Cindy suffered from chronic constipation the majority of her life, up until her early 40’s when Phil and Cindy moved to what is now Suede Hills Organic Farm. Phil knew that quality-grown alfalfa was the most nutrient-rich food, so he wanted to move to a place where he could grow it and get Cindy well. It worked, and the rest is history! Cindy is often heard saying, “When getting alkaline, you will be amazed at how many issues resolve themselves. A happy pooper is a happy life!”
  • Can your products help with Arthritis?

    • Our Organic Alfalfa Powder or Capsules has been the most effective, natural solution, for arthritis sufferers looking for relief. Most often when folks come to us, they are looking for a whole, healthy body and often purchase the Totally Awesome Trio (A or B), which contains the organic alfalfa, organic olive leaf, and pH Happy Caps.
  • Can your products help with Cancer?

    • We have had many folks with cancer decide to get on the alkaline path in order to empower the body to heal itself. These folks usually enjoy benefits of varying degrees. Most come to us already believing that cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment. We have been told often that their journey has improved once they focused on an alkaline lifestyle, most often including one or more of our alkaline products.
    • The best way to avoid a diagnosis of cancer, in our opinion, is to stay alkaline, empower your body with real, quality, alkalizing nutrition before there is an issue. The cells of your body are changing regularly. Give the body better food tools and you will reap the reward of a more vital, healthy body and quality life.
    • We encourage all our customers to share their story with us! Email us here.
  • Can your products help with Weight Loss?

    • For customers looking to lose weight: We have received many testimonies from our customers of achieving weight loss with our products. We prefer to think of the overall health benefits they are reaping and not just the release of excess weight as an indicator of health or benefit.
      • The body requires a mineral escort to take out excess toxins/acids left from the consumption of food, drink, meds, etc. If the body doesn’t have the proper nutrition and minerals to do so, then one way the body deals with the excess acid is by storing it away into fat cells. This keeps the toxins/acids out of the blood, thus not affecting the pH of the blood negatively (in our opinion). This example demonstrates the importance of consuming mineral-rich foods such as our Suede Hills Organic Alfalfa Powder and pH Happy Caps. Both have proven beneficial via our customer testimonials in creating a more alkaline environment for the body.
      • As you empower the body with more usable alkaline minerals, the more toxins/acids the body can attach to and thus escort out of the fat cells and therefore out of the body. It makes sense that the result is a reduction in weight and toxicity.
    • We encourage folks to focus on getting alkaline at the same time they are on a weight loss program. Otherwise, you will be dumping too many acids into a compromised excretory system and creating new, more serious health issues, in our opinion.


pH Questions

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  • Why does the medical system check the pH of your blood, and Suede Hills suggests to check the urine/pee?

    • The pH of the blood can vary a tiny bit, from 7.35 to 7.45, to our understanding. We check urine/pee because in our opinion, it is a precursor indicator to the state of your body. Knowing that you are too acidic via your pee gives you the opportunity to make changes before it becomes a serious health issue. It is a proactive approach to empower yourself to better health. Knowledge is power!
  • Why don’t we use our saliva to check our pH levels?

    • In our opinion, the saliva is only going to give you the reading of the last thing you ate. Feel free to check the third pee of the morning and then take another pH test strip and check your saliva to see if you get the same reading.
  • What is pH?

    • pH stands for potential of Hydrogen. It refers to how oxygenated and hydrated the cells of your body are. These are key factors in their function for the human body.
      • Acidic cells are dysfunctional and are degenerating, creating the perfect environment for sickness and disease in the body.
      • Alkaline cells are able to fulfill their job and regenerate, thus creating new, healthy life in your body.
    • The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. 0 = Most Acidic. 14 = Highest Alkaline.
      • We believe a reading of 7.4 pH or more is the reading you are seeking for optimum health. We suggest testing the third pee of the morning to give you the most accurate reading of the state of your body. The first pee is dumping the acids from the previous nights repair work, the second pee gets rid of the residue, and the third pee is letting you know what is left after your body gets rid of all it had the ability to dispose of.


Serving Recommendations

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  • What are your serving recommendations?

    • We produce “food with benefits” and always will refer to serving size, not dosage.
    • Our capsules are vegetarian, made from tree gel. They are easy to swallow and breakdown easily in your system from our experience and customer feedback. We also use the veggie caps as a plant-based way to get the food tools deeper into your system at night, which is when we feel the main repair work is taking place.
    • Always drink a full glass of water whenever you take any of our capsules!
      • This does three things:
        • It reduces the chances of burping after taking the caps.
        • It gives you the opportunity to consume more water during the day.
        • Now that you have given the body "food tools" to release toxins, they need a way out. Water is the most effective way via the urine.
    • General serving sizes are listed in the information sheets that you will receive in your first order.
      • 1 tablespoon of alfalfa or olive leaf powder = 12 capsules
      • 1 teaspoon = Approximately 3 capsules
    • If you are taking our alfalfa or olive leaf capsules throughout the day and using mealtimes to remind you to take them, we suggest you take them before you eat. Or feel free to take them without food anytime through the day if that works best for you.
    • Alfalfa has been known to give folks energy, so if you have previously had any trouble sleeping, you may want to take the alfalfa before 3 p.m.. On the other hand, if you are planning on having a late night, they may be the boost you need to keep you going!
    • Spreading your serving size throughout the day is the most beneficial way to approach food nutrition. Allowing your body to utilize these beneficial food-tools throughout the day finds folks with more energy and other benefits than they have ever thought possible throughout the day.

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