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April 2018 - The Green Stevia propagation is underway!

Happy Spring!! The Green Stevia propagation is underway! Our "grow room" is beginning to get filled up with our sweet Green Stevia babies.

We enjoy watching the seedlings mature and we enjoy it even more when we get to plant them out in the field in the beginning of June. Find out more about our organic Green Stevia.

The 4 Most Asked Questions when considering a Whole-Food Plant-Based diet

Curried Broccoli Stir Fry
    Pictured: Curried Broccoli Stir Fry with Grated Carrot Salad

I hear testimonies all the time about how great people feel when they switch to a plant-based whole food diet (also referred to as Vegan).

For clarity's sake, I just want to explain the difference between the two concepts as far as I am concerned. The "true" vegan is one who abstains from anything and everything made from animal products, i.e. no leather shoes, no honey, dairy, eggs, meat, fish, chicken etc. These folks are what I term "ethical vegans" who specifically are against any cruelty to animals. The substantial health benefits are a bonus. (NOTE: It is possible to eat vegan and still eat "processed junk".)

A person participating in a whole-food plant-based diet also abstains from ingesting any animal products. Though they are not necessarily as concerned about purchasing products that may have an animal origin. These folks are specifically after the astounding health benefits they personally receive by eating whole-food plant-based diets.

One of the main health benefits to a whole-food plant-based diet is the significant reduction in the amount of acid-forming foods that you consume on a daily basis. Not all whole or plant foods are alkaline-forming, but most are.

The 4 Questions:

WHY would I want to switch to a plant-based diet? (Remember to ask yourself this question, not the peanut gallery!!)

HOW do I do this and not be a freak? (Will I still be able to eat out with friends?)

WHAT on earth am I going to eat? (aka, where will I get my protein?)

WHO can I talk to to find out where to start?

#1~ Let's talk about the WHY!

It has been proven time and again that a whole-food plant-based/vegan diet significantly and positively impacts people suffering from Lifestyle Diseases, such as Type II Diabetes, Obesity and all the spin-off diseases triggered by these two health issues. (check out the docu-series iThrive)

Longevity and Vibrancy

It has been proven that consuming animal products accelerates the aging process, and a whole-food plant-based diet slows and even reverses the aging process. Memory and focus sharpen as well.

Take your "good' health up a notch to GREAT HEALTH!

The absence of a manifest disease does not necessarily mean you are healthy. Remember all those folks with cancer didn't develop it over night. It took years if not decades to form. I hear daily that folks "felt fine" right up until they were diagnosed with the "c" word.

What we put in our mouths is FUEL, so doesn't it make sense to put the best fuel in your body in order to enjoy the BEST long-term results?

.....continued next month

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