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December 2016 - Simple and Delicious

Hello Awesome People!

We have had an unusually warm November, that makes it even more difficult to wrap my head around the fact that it is December already!

NOW is the time to make sure that you are staying ahead of the curve as far as your health goes. All the festivities means your body could use a little extra help staying well.

Thus we encourage you to be faithful to take your pH Happy Caps every night before bed, they will give your body some extra alkalizing tools to help deal with the rich foods, sweet treats, and other holiday indulgences like alcohol! ( FYI~they are all acid-forming)

For those of you that have our organic Olive Leaf make sure you take it regularly throughout the winter to stay ahead of the curve as far as infections go, be they viral, bacterial, fungal or yeast (colds or flu be gone!)

It makes a huge difference in your energy level when you stay consistent with our organic Alfalfa powder as well. I sound like your mother, right? I just want you to have a fabulous healthy, holiday season (and the rest of the year too!)

Happy, Healthy Holiday Indulgences to you

"Recipe(s) For A Vibrant Life! Get Alkaline Eating More Vegan & Raw Food " Recipe book,
hard copy NOW AVAILABLE!

We are pleased to announce that our cookbook is now available in hardcopy and digital format. Our new recipe book has 143 pages, an abundance of photos of the recipes plus great tips that have taken us 8 years of experimenting to figure out.

Get Alkaline eating more vegan and raw food.

Order soon while supply lasts!

“Quality, nutrient-dense food is not expensive, it is priceless!

Suede Hills Recipes for Vibrant Life

I know December is not the time to talk about eating healthy (actually it IS the perfect time, because it is easier to avoid those foods that hinder health rather than try to deal with the after effects!).

My new recipe book has 143 pages, an abundance of photos of the recipes plus great tips that have taken me 8 years of experimenting to figure out.


Phil has taste-tested them all! I have often received feed back from friends and family that have dared indulge in my cooking, saying that if I didn't point it out most people would never know the recipe was: a) healthy b) vegan c) more alkalizing than traditional recipes! I think the funniest compliment is when I hear,"My husband would even eat this, especially if i didn't tell him it was good for him!"

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Recipe(s) For a Vibrant Life Introduction

Order your copy today!

Eat well and enjoy it!

Inspirational Quote:

"Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are."
Marianne Williamson - Author and Speaker

Health & Happiness To You Always!

Phil & Cindy Levington

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