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January 2016 - Solar Power

Welcome to the potential of 2016 a totally unique, awesome, healthier year!

ANY step in the direction of empowering yourself to feel good in your body is a worthy and admirable step.

Just keep leaning, (no pun intended) in the direction you desire to go, and even if you trip and fall, you will at least be headed in the right direction!! LOL!

Solar Power

There has been an enormous amount of press given to reducing our energy footprint, renewable energy and going "Solar".

But did you ever stop to think about the benefits of "solar energy" in regards to your health?

We were looking at Tesla vehicles and Tesla energy for use in our home, when I put two and two together as I listened to Elon Musk, the head honcho for Tesla Corporation. Elon talks about "the big fusion reactor in the sky". The one he says, "that comes up everyday without your help!"

As he waxed wonderful about this free energy source and how we can harness this energy, the revelation hit me that that is exactly what plants do for us!!

Plants take the solar energy, and convert it to a food substance that when we eat this LIVE, real food, that real "solar-powered" energy is then released into our bodies and taken up by our cells to do the myriad of amazing feats of keeping every cell of our body nourished thus keeping us healthy everyday!

Isn't that awesome?

Every plant is a solar power "battery" a storage facility for the nutrition we require to live a full healthy life!! I love that! The more I observe, the more I appreciate
"the original design" the more I desire to line up with nature and go with the flow of life, rather than bucking the current.

No wonder we are living so healthy on our Phil's Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie!! It is a compilation of LIVE, RAW, SOLAR POWERED plant nutrition!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder we have received such praise from folks who have chosen to do what we do and eat the Phil's Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie for two meals a day. They have had their health and lives transformed for the better, when the medical system had given up on them!!!

I think my new slogan should be "A Schmunkie (or two) a day WILL keep the doctor away!" If you decide you want real change starting NOW, why not invest in yourself?

You know that anything else you could ever need, want or desire doesn't matter a hill of beans without good health! Millions in the bank are absolutely useless unless they can "buy" you health.... Why not take advantage of the gift of solar powered food and "get a life worth living!"

That is exactly what we grow here at Suede Hills Organic Farms, Solar Powered nutrition, let us help you help yourself.

Health to you!

Schmunkie Juice

Even the grandchildren love their Schmunkie


Many of you may remember that 20 months ago Phil had a heart attack....turned out it was a "little flap" of lumin, the lining of the blood vessel, that had temporarily blocked the flow of blood, which in technical terms was a heart attack.

He had a stent put in, he did the medical system's required drug protocol and was quickly reduced and then taken off many of the meds sooner than they expected
because he was so healthy already.

Note*** If Phil didn't know as much as he does about how the body works they would have kept him on the Statin drugs which were driving his cholesterol way too low.

He has been off ALL meds including aspirin for over a year! In early fall this year he took a stress test at the hospital, so he could keep his pilot's license. He exceeded the rigorous 20 minute test on the treadmill. He did 103%, needless to say the doctors were amazed!

They figured this 72 year old would never make it. Phil did, but the guy on the next treadmill actually had a coronary right there during the test.

I am including this update now because today as I write this newsletter, he just returned from yet another medical, this one so he can keep is commercial driver's license (he does relief driving for the school bus in our rural area). His local GP went over all his blood work, his blood pressure, his cholesterol etc. and told him
everything looked good.

Then he said to her, "And all that with NO DRUGS!" His GP looked at him dumbfounded, "NO drugs?" "Not even aspirin?"

"Nothing" Phil said.

He tells me she looked perplexed. She signed his paperwork that all was well and he left. Phil was not surprised at the results, but it is always a good feeling to know you are on the right track, even when "the system" thinks you are wrong.

The proof is in the pudding as they say

Your body knows how to stay well without symptom suppressing drugs, as long as you are providing it with the quality nutrition like we eat everyday with our
organic Alfalfa and Olive Leaf powders in our health-delivering Schmunkies.

A Schmunkie a day keeps the doctors & drugs away!!! (at least that has been our experience)

p.s. we totally appreciate the medical system for its diagnostic and emergency assistance, we were certainly glad they were there to help Phil in his emergency time of need. But folks, look after YOUR body, by caring about what goes in your mouth for fuel, you will reap the positive results. The fact that Phil had already been looking after his health played a huge part in his quick and full recovery. All things are possible!

Inspirational Quote:

"If you want to change your life, then change what you eat for breakfast!"
Phil Levington co-founder Suede Hills Organic Farms

Health & Happiness To You Always!

Phil & Cindy Levington

Toll Free: 1-877-682-1188

Box 513 Savona, BC V0K 2J0 Canada