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July 2015 - Food With Benefits

Greetings from the very hot south central interior of B.C., Canada!

We have had temps from 35-42 degrees Celsius (95 - 108 F) for the last week!

The plants love it, but our awesome outside crew have been sweating it out.


I thought this month I would share from one of the questions that comes up often.

"What do I take when such and such happens to me?"

We understand that in many ways once you choose to utilize realfood to empower your body to heal itself, much of what we have been taught/programmed growing up goes out the window.

We have been so used to "treating symptoms" that it seems a novel concept to actually deal with the "root of the problem". People often ask about "the detox affects" or the other question, reactions with big pharma meds, etc.

As you are all well aware, we are NOT doctors!

Though we have much personal experience, and a vast quantity of feedback from our customers directly. I think the best way, is to grasp the concept of empowering your body with quality real food nutrition. This quality food nutrition is the "TOOL" that your body uses to heal itself.

Just like you don't have to think about digesting your food, or creating a scab on a wound, you do not have to think about "healing" other than to choose to provide the basic real quality food tools from which your body can create an environment for healing to take place.

In this day and age, there is so much marketing and b.s. out there it is difficult to wade through it all. So many times people are skeptical, and find it amazing that something so simple as quality food can empower their bodies to heal from what the doctors call a serious illness or life-threatening disease.

The human body is AWESOME!!

So here are a few simple guidelines for utilizing our quality, alkalizing products to help empower your body to heal itself:

1) Alfalfa has more protein than beef, and because its deep rooted, it pulls up into the leaves, the minerals and vitamins that other plants can not even get to. Plus where we grow, how we handle it and how we dry it AND because Phil and I live on the is cared for in a way that that mass marketed products could never get the benefit of the highest quality nutrition we can possibly provide!!!

**a) this is real food so it yields the best results when taken daily. Phil and I prefer to take 1 tablespoon of Alfalfa at breakfast and another tablespoon at lunch.

We suggest that you take at least 1 tablespoon per day, preferably half in the morning and the other half around noon.

**b) some folks need an extra boost of energy for evening activities, so feel free to take some more later in the afternoon if this is your situation, half a tablespoon or 3-6 caps is plenty.

* Remember that real nutrition means quality, not quantity, to get the results you are after. This is FOOD, so play around with it and see what works best for your body and lifestyle.

2) Olive Leaf has been used in traditional healing for centuries. It has proved itself to us and others to be an amazing infection fighter and immune booster.

**a)Therefore taken daily keeps your body ahead of the curve so to speak. If your job or lifestyle finds you around many people with loads of opportunity for the spread of sickness, it is a good idea to take some
Olive Leaf consistently.

**b) Otherwise just take some several times per day if you feel something coming on. Remember, once again, this is a FOOD with BENEFIT!! I have personally taken up to 3 heaping tablespoons per day for 3 weeks. Once again, play with it. I have even given it regularly to our grand kids.

3) pH Happy Caps, alkalizing "boot in the bum". These are great taken in the evening before bed. We have found them to be the extra "mineral tools" that help our bodies do their major repair work at night.

**a) I personally take 8 per night, Phil only takes 4 pH Happy Caps per night. We have people who choose to take up to 12 or only 1 per night. Every body is a little different in what it needs to maintain a healthy alkaline environment for the cells to be able to rejuvenate and keep you well.

The point of the whole matter is to be consistent, find a minimum quantity that yields you the results you are after. When situations arise, feel free to ramp up the amount of quality tools you give your body to work with.

For example:

If someone usually takes 1 tablespoon of our Alfalfa per day and 1 teaspoon of Olive Leaf and 2 or 3 pH Happy Caps per night, but find themselves with a scratchy throat or runny nose.

I suggest you first check the pH of your urine. Chances are you are below 7.4 on the pH scale. So the next move would be to increase your Olive Leaf to 1 teaspoon at least 3 times per day. You may even choose to ramp it up to half a tablespoon 3 times per day, in order to nip it in the bud. I suggest you do this for a few days.

Consider taking 4-6 pH Happy Caps before bed for a few nights to give your body some extra tools to work with as well.

Hope this has been helpful.

Stay Alkaline & Stay Well!!

garlic for new infection fighting blendGarlic for new infection fighting blend

This is a picture of the garlic we are growing for a new blend Phil has been working on. Notice the desert-like "Suede covered Hills" in the background.


Just wanted to report back to Cindy - talked to her about 4 weeks ago regarding taking alfalfa & feeling a bit off at first - she told me to persevere and it would improve. Well it did!!! I cannot believe how much more alive and energetic I feel. I've just done a 2 day purge of my home - energy to burn - and after 1 1/2 years of sitting around and feeling overwhelmed with clutter - it just feels so good. The pH strips are regularly dark blue so I guess I'm doing good? I have battled with depression for many years - it's not lifted entirely but much better - just the fact that I want to clean up and get out in the evenings again without falling asleep wherever I go is a miracle to me!!!! - Darlene

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Inspirational Quote:

"The greatest gift you could give to anyone is the gift of positive expectation!"

Health & Happiness To You Always!

Phil & Cindy Levington

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