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July 2016 - Dental Health

Hello to all you awesome, health-seeking folks out there!

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It is all about you, so please let us know how we can be of more effective service in helping you to reach your alkaline health goals.

Dental Health

It's not just about sugar anymore! One of our customers recently was re-confirming for me the myriad of ways that creating an alkaline environment in one's body has great overall health benefits.

Several customers have mentioned weight loss, migraines gone, better sleep, aches and pains disappeared and that dental health has improved.

As we create an alkaline environment in our body, the cells are empowered to escort out acids and toxins that have been stored in fat cells. Weight loss often is the result.

When we have enough real minerals in our system the body is enabled to do its main repair work while you sleep, without waking you. Thus you get a better nights sleep. When our system is acidic there are detrimental results with our teeth and gums as well. Remember we are a whole unit, not just individual/separate parts.

The main cause of cavities is tooth demineralization. When your body becomes acidic it works tirelessly to restore balance, thus it leaches minerals from your bones and teeth. (Your body requires a mineral to escort out an acid.) Sugar plays a part in acidifying your body, BUT, it can be easily replaced, by using an alkalizing sweetener such as real GREEN STEVIA, and avoiding the white chemical extract versions.

Becoming aware that cavities are a sign that your body is lacking the real nutritional, alkalizing tools it requires to keep itself in good repair, is the first step to greater dental health.

Your smile brings delight to your soul & joy to those who are graced to see it.

Look after your body acid/alkaline balance (pH Balance) and your body will look after the whole of you!



I have to tell you, your suggestion to try your green stevia for my migraines worked! How good it is to have a natural remedy! - Valerie

The alfalfa got rid of my allergies. - Farmers Market customer

I got rid of 400 allergies using our alfalfa. - Cindy co-owner Suede Hills

The pH Happy Caps is what helped me lose 60 pounds. Phil said to try the green stevia to get rid of my migraine, but I was at work and my green stevia was at home. Phil asked if I had any of the Suede Hills Stevia Bark Teas at work, I did, I tried one and it worked! Migraine gone. - Patsy

The Happy PET works, my Pom-mix doesn't have joint problems any more. - (A dogs pH is to be 7.4 just like a human!)

Inspirational Quote:

"Your job is to move your feet in the direction of your dream and expect that it will meet you...and it will."

Health & Happiness To You Always!
Phil & Cindy Levington

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