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June 2016 - Real Nutrition

Can you believe it is June already?

The first day of summer will be here in a flash. For any of you who follow weather trends, I just wanted to let you know that in our part of the world, everything seems to be one month early. For example the high water in the river crested the beginning of May instead the beginning of June. Our Olive Trees flowered a month early. They smell so delicious! Kind of like a really rich vanilla.

Our Garlic has grown scapes already, (the curly top that will become the flower if not cut it off), and that doesn't usually happen until well into the last week of June! I hope that just means we are getting an extra month of great, summer-like weather!

Live like you intended to

Why do you eat greens? 

Most people would answer, "Because they are supposed to be good for you!"  Did you ever wonder "why" they are supposed to be good for you?

In layman's terms, the reason we have been encouraged to eat greens by our Mom or Grandma is for the rich compliment of minerals and vitamins they are supposedto contain. Most greens such as kale, chard, spinach, romaine etc. have shallow root systems. Therefore, the soil continually requires the addition of fertilizers - chemical or natural. As with any plant/food, it is ONLY as good as the soil it is grown in and the real sunshine it receives.

This is where REAL nutrition comes from!

The green plants are like solar collectors, storing the sun's nutrition/energy until you require it for your daily, healthy living.

Buyer beware of plants grown in hothouses/greenhouses.

Many of the plants are grown in a "medium" other than real soil, and fertilized with chemicals. What you should be looking for in my opinion are plants that actually have been grown in the ground, AND that the ground has been well tended to, working in harmony with nature. The alternative is what works best for mass production, but leaves very little in the way of real nutrition that your body can utilize to keep you healthy and rejuvenating.  

There are a vast array of "greens-type" products available in the marketplace. Many have "flavors" added to them to encourage you to consume them. (The flavor industry is HUGE!)

If you are truly concerned for what you put in your mouth, I suggest you invest some time on this one. Either that or choose a simpler more natural whole food eating style.

We used to take hundreds of dollars worth of supplements every month. Over 10 years ago, we gave them all up and have depended on our amazing, organic alfalfa powder for our protein and all of our minerals and vitamins! 

Phil created the "Phil's Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie" as a way to get the enzymes and omega 3,6 & 9 into our bodies as well. We found that we didn't need those "manufactured" supplements, we just needed real food, grown well, in nutrient rich soil, with deep roots.  

We literally are what we eat, and we eat a lot of our organic alfalfa!

Do yourself a favor, if you are going to invest money in your health, make sure you aren't buying the marketing on the label, but that you are actually getting what you think you are paying for!

Our quality grown greens help your digestive tract in a myriad of ways. The minerals these greens contain are easily absorbed and utilized. The fiber is another benefit to help the GI tract move things along. Together they keep the bowels happy. The chlorophyll is like the life-blood of the plant, therefore a key ingredient for good health in you as well.

A happy intestinal tract, equals a happy, healthy you! Cause whatever goes in MUST come out (and in a timely fashion too!)


In my opinion and from our research, much of the "alfalfa" that is in multi-ingredient greens products, has been grown in chemical troughs for a few weeks then harvested, heat dried then labelled as "alfalfa powder or alfalfa grass".

Just as a note...I have been appalled at nutrition labels that say "alfalfa grass" on them.

Alfalfa is from the LEGUME family, and is not a grass! So if they can get away with misrepresenting the ingredients, and the people who approve the ingredients list haven't got a clue, what else are they misleading you about?????

Are you going to trust your gut health to strangers? Phil and I have a passion to empower you to get well, utilizing whole, nutrient-dense food. Get real, green, whole food nutrition from people who grow it for their own physical  health and well being!!

73 years young and going strong!! 
Phil Levington co-founder Suede Hills Organic Farms

Inspirational Quote:

"I am realistic - I expect miracles."
Wayne Dyer Author and Speaker

 Health & Happiness To You Always! 

 Phil & Cindy Levington

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