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May 2014 - Phil's Heart Attack Testimony

Happy May to all you wonderful folks!!

The bees are pollinating the willow trees and the abundance of dandelions! Yes, truly organic farms have loads of the lovely yellow dandelion flowers!

So, what are you to think when the healthiest person you know has a heart attack?

  • No family history of heart disease
  • No diabetes, no high blood pressure
  • No excess weight, not a couch potato
  • No cholesterol in the diet

On April 23, 2014, my extremely healthy, 71 year old husband had a heart attack! And thankfully, his super healthy lifestyle paid off and he is doing absolutely AMAZING!!

Most people would never know he is now sporting a new stent in his heart! His attitude from the outset has been, "I am better than before and before I was doing great!"

Within an hour of arriving at the hospital he was stabilized. We just waited 10 hours for a special Heart Ambulance to become available for the 4 hour drive to the Coronary Care Unit.

Phil was feeling so good that he sat up in the ambulance all the way there! When the ambulance crew arrived at the Kelowna Hospital with Phil late that night, they made him get back on the stretcher to be admitted to the hospital.

When Phil arrived at the specialized CCU unit where the heart team would check him out, he "jumped" off the stretcher!! The attending nurse said,"What the hell are you doing here?", in the most upbeat and positive of ways. They did a myriad of blood tests, etc. By 1p.m. the next day he was in the "Cath" surgery room. The attending surgeon looked at Phil's chart and said,"I see you are a vegan, so am I, this is going to be easy!".

He was absolutely right! Within 40 minutes Phil had had the Angiogram, Angioplasty and a new Stent inserted in one blood vessel!

There were no other signs of any issues with any other blood vessels in his heart. Phil firmly believes that the astounding benefits of our Totally Awesome Trio, Alfalfa & Olive Leaf powders plus pH Happy Caps are responsible for having cleaned up the rest of his blood vessels.

Later that afternoon he was moved to a step down unit because he was doing so well. The next morning they kicked him out of the step down unit out into the "TV room".

They saw that he was feeling so good that he was able to walk around the halls the night  before and early that morning. NO ONE ELSE on that ward was even trying to get up or move around. One guy Phil talked to had been there for 2 weeks! There were older guys, younger guys and no one was making attempts at getting up.

In less than 72 hours of having a heart attack, Phil was back home on the farm, out walking around the fields, checking to see how things were going since he had been away!

I guarantee he will be even more direct when he talks to folks about taking care of themselves.

Without your health, what do you have?

Inspirational Quote:

I encourage you to walk through this day remembering that you just might be the miracle someone is looking for today!

Health To You!

Phil & Cindy Levington

Toll Free: 1-877-682-1188

Box 513 Savona, BC V0K 2J0 Canada