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October 2016 - Considerations

I have mixed feelings this time of year. On one hand the "farming" season is coming to a close, (YEAH!) on the other hand, the cold, snowy and sometimes grey days, begin.

FYI~ for any who were wondering about our Green Stevia, I just wanted to give a heads up that they seem to have fared quite well this season. I was out crawling around on my hands and knees for four days straight a week ago....weeding of course. I had a chance to get in the Green Stevia bed and weed there, too. They have done amazingly well even with all the rain this year.

Here's to Sweet Success wherever any of us may find it!

I have a few questions that I would like answers to:

Why do people think that it is okay to put nutrient-void fuel in their mouth three or more times per day and think they will get good short-term and/or long-term results in their body? Would they also put contaminated, fuel-void fuel in their vehicles and expect better results?

I feel it is in our best interest to at least fuel our "earthsuit" with the best quality, nutrient-dense foods the majority of the time. In my opinion and from my personal experience, depending on the grocery store for "real" nutrition is laughable.

How can mass produced foods grown in chemicals (or genetically modified) deliver quality nutrition for your earthsuit? How about all the pre-packaged, fat-drenched, sodium laden "foods"?

I am so thankful for the info Phil shared with me about quality grown alfalfa and its benefits. I am a healthy person today because of it!

Why do people work so hard at making sure they have a good retirement package when chances are they won't live long enough to benefit from it due to their day to day unhealthy lifestyle choices?

I know you can lie to yourself, but your body functions by an unwavering set of rules. You can't put cancer-enhancing "food" in your earthsuit and expect to have a healthy earthsuit for very long. At least that has been my observation for the last 57 years of my life. When I changed what I ate, my health skyrocketed!! I am healthier now than I ever was in my 20's or 30's.

Why do people blindly take prescription drugs with a list of negative side effects a mile long, some being FATAL and yet want to pick apart the benefits of REAL, organic, raw, plant food? (Which your earthsuit was designed to consume and thrive on!)

Why are people more concerned about how plant food will effect their body while taking prescription drugs that thin their blood so unnaturally that if they get a cut by accident they could easily bleed to death?

Why do people think it is perfectly okay to remove entire organs or integral pieces of their earthsuit and then expect the situation to improve?

The organ was only responding to the lack of proper nutrients for self healing in the first place in my opinion. If you removed a major piece from your vehicle would you still expect it to function properly?

  • If people just realized that their "QUALITY OF LIFE" can be so amazing, that they can easily add "Healthy Years" to their life experience, filled with an abundance of energy.
  • The cost is small, but some feel the "price" of eating well is to too high a price to pay.
  • If you ever wondered why I go on about the fact that our organic alfalfa is protein & nutrient-rich, classed as raw food (thus enzymes are intact) check out this quote from Marcus Rothkranz.

"Your body cannot use vitamins without minerals, your body cannot use minerals without protein (amino acids) and it cannot use protein without enzymes!"

FYI~ Suede Hills Organic Alfalfa has it all!

Quality, nutrient-dense plant food is not expensive, it is priceless!

Health to you!

Inspirational Quote:

"There is no growth in my comfort zone!"
Sandra A. Daly Author of Pop your Paradigm

Health & Happiness To You Always!

Phil & Cindy Levington

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