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September 2013 - Harvesting the Bounty

Well it is back in the "Groove" time...school starts, folks get back in the swing of signing up for classes like painting, yoga, healthy cooking or uncooking etc. plus making up for lost time as we "indulged" in too many treats on our summer vacation. Welcome back to reality!

Things are really rockin' here at Suede Hills. We are getting full on into harvesting the bounty which the summer sun, mineral-rich alkaline soil and alkaline water helped to produce, just for you!!.  

Two informative video clips for you to check out.

First is an updated saga with our very own "Captain Kirk" and his journey to better alkaline health at 58 years young. Note: Kirk has released even more weight since the taping of this clip.

Cindy Speaks With Kirk About His Healthy Changes

The second video clip is with Clive Langton, 65 years young, Director of RawBC. Clive and I discuss some common health challenges he has had, that many of you may relate to. Plus we cover some basic info regarding how to create an alkaline environment in your body and keep it that way!

Cindy speaks with Clive of Raw BC regarding his current health challenges as a vegetarian.

A testimony from some "young stuff!"

Our 26 year old son recently moved into the house on the 5 acre parcel of land behind us. He came from the city with his four young children (4,5,8,& 11 years old).

Quality green food was NOT a priority before they arrived. Now, most days, Gramma (that's me!) gets to feed everyone our famous Phil's Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie, and yes they all eat it!!!    

There are two parts to Phil Jr.'s tesimony,

First Phil Jr. said that he feels so much better when he eats his Suede Hills green breakfast, that it fills him up and he isn't hungry for a long time. Plus he has noticed that his recent back injury seems to have healed itself! ( Amazing what an alkaline body can do!)

He went on a 4 day junk food binge when he had some friends visit. He noticed that he couldn't run between our two properties like he could the week before he "fell off the healthy eating wagon!" He told me he thought it was because he had quit smoking that he was able to run, but now he had to admit that it was the good Alfalfa and Olive Leaf powder, mineral-rich green breakfast that Mom was feeding him, which had made all the difference!!

The second part to that story is that the visiting friends shared with me that Phil Jr. and all four of his kids looked way healthier now than they did before. These two friends with kids of their own were amazed that "Phil's Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie" could make that much difference in less than two months.(Now to figure out how to make a simplified version of our Phil's Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie for the kids before they head off to school each morning.)

**Quick note to parents or anyone attending school

An alkaline body will significantly increase mental function, memory and information retention. Start your day with a Superior-quality, raw, organic green such as Suede Hills Organic Alfalfa powder then watch as your health, wealth and wisdom improve!           

Inspirational Quote:

"Try to be like the turtle~ at ease in your own shell." Bill Copeland
Poet, Writer, Historian

Health to you!

Phil and Cindy Levington

Toll Free: 1-877-682-1188

Box 513 Savona, BC V0K 2J0 Canada