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September 2014 - Do People & Pets Have the Same Health Issues?

Can you believe it's September already?

The weather is still sunny during the day,but it is getting down to 8 Celsius at night!

It is awesome to live where we experience all 4 seasons. We hope this newsletter finds all of you fabulous folks to be healthy and happy, including your pet friends!

People & Pets - Same Health Issues?

sundancerI bet you never really stopped to think about people and pets having some of the same health issues, did you? Well, it is true, we have many of the same ailments, and they are due to the same root cause, acidosis!!

Often we hear about dogs having arthritis, digestive issues. ulcers, sight problems etc.

Alfalfa is well known for its positive health benefits regarding arthritis, works well in people too!

  • As people our pH should be 7.4 or more. A dogs pH should be 7.4 or more as well.
  • As for cats they should be more acidic, about 5.4

We all need quality plant minerals in our diets in order to stay healthy. Pets are often considered part of the family and thus deserve the best nutrition and care too.

Phil and I have fed the cats on the farm our Suede Hills organic alfalfa powder for years because we know how nutrient dense it is. We have seen sickly kittens returned to great and playful health in just a few days.

We have watched the many different cats we have had over the years meow and meow for the alfalfa to be added to their food if for some reason we forget to sprinkle it on top. They love to lap up the green gravy that the alfalfa makes when we add water to their dry food mix.

We have had many testimonies about dogs diagnosed with cancer who have then taken our alfalfa and the dogs live considerably longer than the diagnosis suggested.

Now with the alfalfa & olive leaf blend we expect even faster results.

Recently we have people asking about our products for their horses too. It really shouldn't have been a surprise to me when I saw  one of the horses that lives next door to us stretching her neck, reaching over the fence into our yard. She was very gingerly stripping the  leaves off of one of our olive trees and eating them.  

She must have had an infection of some sort and knew the answer was right under her nose!

The olive trees have big thorns and this horse was very smart in how she was pulling the leaves off, avoiding the thorns! Animals are so intuitive about what they need to maintain good health.

This same horse and the other horse on the neighboring property always come over to our fence when they see us out in the field working.

The chestnut colored one makes a funny noise to try and get our attention. We treat them to a couple handfuls of fresh alfalfa. That seems to be enough to satisfy them. Smart animals!!

Bottom line is that if we get our pets more alkaline, they get well too!

pHilsHappyPet007pHil's Happy Pet is available to make giving your pet friend great nutrition so easy and convenient.

pHil's Happy Pet is a blend of our certified organic, human grade Alfalfa and Olive Leaf Powders.

These give you the natural vitamin and mineral nutrients, including protein, and the amazing gentle detoxifying effects which clean the blood, liver, urinary tract and digestive tracts.

On top of all that your pet gets the amazing infection fighting and immune boosting of the olive leaf powder all in one shaker bottle.

Try it! They will like it!

I have a few testimonials to share with you.

We have had to keep a pet sweater on our dog due to his fur falling out. We have spent so much money on every imaginable remedy to no avail. Then we met you at The Health Show. You and Phil were explaining the importance of the body pH, so I asked if it applied to pets too. With a resounding "YES!" you told us about the pHil's Happy Pet supplement you make on your farm. We decided we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am happy to report that our awesome little Sammy now has beautiful fur! We are so grateful. Thanks again, and Sammy thanks you too! - Helen, Victoria, B.C.

I told you about my fussy Chihuahua, and that her breath is horrible. You suggested pHil's Happy Pet. I was skeptical, but you assured me that if she didn't eat it, I could! The first day I put it in  her bowl she gobbled it up. I just figured she was really hungry that day. But she has gobbled up her food with the Happy Pet every day since! I never got to try it! I just wanted to let you know that she likes it, the bad breath is gone and I think her coat looks better too! Thanks - Danielle

My dog was diagnosed with cancer. Someone told me about alfalfa and I found you at The Farmers' Market. Three years have passed and she is still with us! - Thanks ever so much. - Penny p.s. Maybe I should take some too!

We have two Lhasa Apso dogs, both had clumps of fur falling out. It has been 3 months since we met you and found out about the alfalfa and olive leaf in your Happy Pet. Our pets love it and are glowing in their new fur! Thanks from all of us! - Bernice


Inspirational Quote:

"Life is like being invited to a party; someone else has done all the work, you just show up and enjoy yourself!"

Health To You!

Phil & Cindy Levington

Toll Free: 1-877-682-1188

Box 513 Savona, BC V0K 2J0 Canada