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August 2021 - Health is Wealth

We have been surrounded by wildfires for the last month.
Many days the smoke was so thick that
the best option was to stay inside.
Our outside staff worked only half days due to
the heat, smoke, ash & other fallout.
Phil calls it summer snow!

Thankfully our area has
recently been taken off of Evacuation Alert.
This is good news!

We look forward to once again,
seeing the expansive blue sky and breathing clean fresh air.
It's the little things in life
that often prove to be the big things!!

Health and Happiness to you!!

The Result of letting Phil loose with a little Milwaukee Electric Chain Saw at the end of the season!

My Summertime Go To

Our amazing Olive Leaf Trees can grow to heights of 50-60 feet!

For our purposes though we need the branches to be accessible to harvest those health-delivering olive leaves.
Therefore, Phil has to "hard prune" the trees every fall/winter.
He does it in a rotation.
So, 2 dozen or so trees this year
and a couple of dozen different ones next year and so on.
Each one of those small branches on the ground
has big thorns on them!
He usually comes in at lunchtime
looking like he has been in a cat fight, ...and lost!!

Our Amazing Olive Trees After 4 months

This is what the same Olive Leaf Tree looks like 4 months later!

Full and lush, still with an abundance of wicked thorns.
With safety goggles and thick gloves,
this fall we will
hand strip the leaves from the branches.
Then we lay the leaves out
in the greenhouses to naturally dry.
Next, Phil will grind the leaves
into the fine powder
you are accustomed to seeing
in our Suede Hills Organic Farm packaging.

We personally, have been free from
any sickness or disease
that involves Bacteria, Fungus Viruses or Yeast
for many years now,
thanks to the leaves of these amazing trees.

As the famous quote goes,
"The healing is in the leaves!"

How fortunate that
somehow you connected to
Suede Hills Organic Farm
where you too have ready and easy access
to the healing properties
found in these wonderful leaves.
Bonus for you,
you don't have to get all scratched up
looking like
you have been in a cat fight!!!

We look forward to connecting with you soon.


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We are here to help.

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2021 is your year to shine!!

We are here to help


Hugs, Cindy & Phil


phil and cindy

Health and Happiness to you always!

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