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February 2019 - Tropical Spice that Benefits Your Health

"Happiness is FREE ~ There are NO CONDITIONS!"

We had an opportunity to visit Belize this winter. It was extremely interesting and we learned much about fruits, veggies and spices.

I will be sharing my new found wealth of info with you over the next little while.

Welcome to February!!

Plants Are Amazing!

plants are amazingDuring our time in Belize this winter we visited the Belize Spice Farm and went on one of their personally guided tours.

We were thrilled to have "Mags", be our tour guide. His knowledge and enthusiasm made the tour most enjoyable. You will meet him in a video at another time.

Have you ever wondered where Black Pepper comes from?

Did you know it is referred to as The King of Spices?

Did you know it grows on a vine?

The vines wrap themselves around huge trees and set fruit on a 2-3 inch stem, with all the little green peppercorns spiraling up the stem.See them in the picture, look closely, just a little left of center.

(According to info widely available, Black pepper aids in weight loss, treats asthma, and nasal congestion.Is known to keep the blood vessel walls clean. Is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and used to treat insect bites. It also appears to reduce the risk of cancer, heart and liver ailments.)

We saw one of the workers on a tall ladder harvesting the stems of green peppercorns and he was putting them in a 50lb. sack. They will then be taken to the drying room and laid out to naturally dry. As they dry they turn the familiar black color we are used to seeing.

If they are going to make white pepper they then crack the black outer-shell from the peppercorn and grind only the white inner flesh. Who Knew?


Speaking of white pepper, did you know that if you have a leak in your car radiator that you can add a teaspoon of white pepper.It swells up and fills the leak! Phil has done this with our vehicles in the past. It is a good temporary fix.

It's great to have Phil's expertise and experience. One of his many talents is as a mechanic, he keeps things rollin' on the farm!

We are always excited to share when our customers are having great success whether personally or in their business life.

Julie Beyers founder of GLOW Chocolate based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada has been a long-time Suede Hills customer using our Organic Green Stevia powder in the making of her fabulous Truffles and Chocolates.

These decadent treats are finding favor with all who try them especially with those folks who are restricting their sugar consumption, without compromising on quality or yumminess!

We encourage you to check out Julie's website https://glowchocolate.love

It is our joy to serve you!

phil and cindy

Health and Happiness to you always!
Phil & Cindy

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