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February 2021 - Low Calorie, Nutrient-Rich Phil's Ultimate Breakfast with a "Schmunkie"

We have had a fairly mild winter in our part of the world, so far.
There is snow in the hills,
but not at the vallery bottom where we are.

The Green Stevia "mother plants" are looking good.
We are looking forward to an excellent crop of Alfalfa this year!

Stay Alkaline = Stay Well!

Low Calorie, Nutrient-Rich
Phil's Ultimate Breakfast with a "Schmunkie"

(a cross between a
smoothie and a chunkie)

Phils Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie

I have had many people over the last 20 years tell me that,
"Eating all that fruit in the Schmunkie has too many calories."

Well I am here to let you know that I did the research again recently,
and "they" are misinformed!!!

I have invested a significant amount of time
to delve deep into the caloric details of our
Schmunkie and our Morning Motivator recipes.

If you make "OUR" Schmunkie
according to the recipe
(without switching it up,
'cause then it is NOT a Schmunkie).
I am happy to report that
each of the 4 servings the recipe makes
is only.....get this, 269 Calories!!!!

So, if you consume 2 of
the 4 servings the recipe makes
you are only consuming 538 calories over 2 meals!
Your body would be completely satiated on all levels:
nutritionally-rich, filling, and tasty!

Now, let's be realistic,
Sometimes you want to ADD other fruit.
As long as the fruit is on the Alkaline-forming food list
no problem...
We often add a Pear, Rhubarb or an Aloe stem
to the blender,
Pomegranate Arils can be added to the bowl.
They make it look so inviting!

Phil and I "usually" have
a couple of whole grain Rice Cakes
with homemade Raw Almond Butter
& a pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt at each meal.
Sometimes we even top the rice cakes with
half a sliced banana.

FYI` The good fat of the raw almond butter
helps to slow the burn of the fruit
and also helps you to feel full even longer.

So, that adds another 115 Calories
for a total per meal of
384 Calories per meal per person
including a couple of rice cakes!!!

That is so do-able!
Plus it leaves you plenty of caloric leeway for a wonderful, savoury evening meal.

As far as the calorie count for our
Morning Motivator recipe,
it comes in at a stunning low number of
243 Calories,
add a couple of the rice cakes with raw almond butter
and you are all in at a total of
358 Calories
for one very nutritious and satisfying meal!

The key ingredient in both recipes is
our nutritional power-house
Organic Alfalfa Leaf Powder.

Click Here
to request a copy of the recipes via email

To quote Dr. Edward Group,

"Alfalfa has been used & appreciated
all over the world for centuries.
A comprehensive list of its benefits
would be very long,
but common benefits attributed to Alfalfa include:

* Detoxes Urinary Tract

* Purifies the Blood & Liver

* Has a strong Alkaline effect on the body

* Promotes Bowel Movement Regularity

* Healthy Hydration

* Eases general Digestive concerns

* Contains high levels of Enzymes for
food Digestion & Assimilation

* Lowers Bad Cholesterol &
reduces incidence of atherosclerotic plaque

* Supports healthy Blood Sugar Levels
especially when taken with manganese

* Supports the Pituitary Gland

If you have been looking for
a superior source of nutrition
and a simple recipe that ticks ALL the boxes,
then what you are looking for is
a Schmunkie a day to keep the doctor away!!

2021 is your year to shine!!

We are here to help


Hugs, Cindy & Phil


phil and cindy

Health and Happiness to you always!

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Box 513 Savona, BC V0K 2J0 Canada