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January 2017 - Premium, Raw, Garlic Powder

2017 is so full of potential for us all!

Welcome to a new year! The past year has been one of unusual weather for us here on the farm but a year filled with progress and improvements.

We hope you each had a fabulous year. Even a year filled with the things you don't generally consider a blessing provide great contrast to help you re-focus with more emphasis on what you DO prefer to experience.

So an optimist's perspective is...even the not so good stuff helps us to focus on the good stuff we want instead. That makes  the potential for an even better year to come.

I adopted a saying from Phil years ago, "It gets better and better!" and sure enough it has!

Wishing Better & Better for us all in 2017!

New Product Offering for 2017

Suede Hills Organic Farm Premium, Organic Raw Garlic Powder

We have been working on bringing you our intense Russian Red Garlic Powder for a few years now.  As you can well imagine, due to the strong odor, the garlic must be naturally dried, ground, powdered & packaged with separate equipment and in a separate building from all of our other health-enhancing products.     

The intense flavor of garlic is enjoyed by many. The thing I love most about using our Garlic powder is that I get the intense flavor while eating my meal
without the lingering after taste in my mouth.      

As with all of our products, Garlic has many  health benefits to offer you. Since our products are classed as raw, they also offer the full spectrum of benefits that nature intended.  

A few benefits of Garlic:

  1. Protects the heart, improves cardio vascular health including lower cholesterol levels, regular blood pressure & improved artery function.
  2. Protects bones, a London study shows a reduced risk of osteoarthritis in women.
  3. Anti-fungal properties, eliminates fungal overgrowth.
  4. Protects the brain, scientists have published findings that some of the sulfur compounds found in garlic had the power to eliminate malignant brain tumor cells in humans.
  5. Immune strengthening, garlic has a long history of being used to ward off the common cold. Specific compounds in garlic are found to be effective in reducing intestinal issues and food poisoning.
  6. Antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, thus garlic has the ability to help the body protect against  oxidation damage such as aging. There is also speculation that garlic may be of benefit  to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's & Dementia.
  7. Detoxification, many of the sulfur compounds present in garlic activate the liver enzymes responsible for expelling toxins from the body, which also protect the liver itself from damage.

Raw Organic Garlic Powder

suede hills organic garlic powder

Our premium, raw, organic Garlic Powder

NOW available in two sizes - 100 & 200 gr

Inspirational Quote:

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

1803-1882, Essayist, Lecturer, and Poet

Health & Happiness To You Always!

Phil & Cindy Levington

Toll Free: 1-877-682-1188

Box 513 Savona, BC V0K 2J0 Canada