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June 2017 - Eat Less, Heal and Rejuvenate More!
Part 1 of 2

Eat Less, Heal & Rejuvenate More!

I have heard for years that the people that live the longest eat the least. I like eating, so I sort of ignored that, but it stuck in the back of my mind.

I work with many types of folks. Some people are already well on their way down the healthy path. Others are just beginning to recognize the significance & major benefits of being alkaline and eating for health rather than just eating the way we were taught as kids.

Then there are the seriously ill that come to us because they have "been there and done that" according to the medical system. They, like myself, believe that "There has got to be a better way!"

I am NOT a doctor, but I do have my personal experience. I also share from the personal testimonies of hundreds of our customers regarding their individual stories and experiences with a variety of health issues listed long enough to choke a horse!

I love to observe how "nature" works. I watch the animals, birds, bugs, worms, etc. We have all seen a sick or hurt animal. What do they do? They go off by themselves, get quiet, and rest. They rarely eat, if they do it is a very small amount.

The same with small children. Even the most rambunctious child will curl up quietly and rest,  without food, in order to allow the body to heal.It just comes naturally. THAT, my friend is the built in way we are designed to heal. The body knows what to do, we just have to get out of our own way to "allow it to happen".

So what am I saying?

If someone is not well, please allow them (especially yourself for yourself) to rest quietly, to go without eating for a time. When they do decide they want to eat, make sure it is loaded with pure, easy to digest nutrition to empower the cells to continue to resort health fully to the body.

Here is how it works in simple terms, in my opinion: Every time we put something in our mouth our body MUST deal with it. That means the focus is diverted from repair and house-cleaning, to that of digesting. Digesting doesn't just last a couple of hours. What I have been researching and experiencing first hand is that digestion takes 12 hours or more!

So the less we put in the better in the long-term. Which points to the "Value/Nutritional Quality" of that which we choose to ingest as our "food tools". Pizza, Beer, Milk, Desserts, Crackers, Cheese, Chips, Burgers, Pasta, Chicken, Beef, etc., etc., don't count as adding benefit. They all make more acid residue and add to the problem!

You know what I am going to say don't you?

A small serving of our organic Alfalfa and Olive Leaf powder in a Schmunkie or Motivator will do the trick. Both of these will keep well in the fridge for 24 hours, so it can be sipped upon as the person desires a little something to eat.

It is also beneficial to just drink alkalizing liquids during these repair times. Plain water is great, but if you desire something hot then consider an alkalizing herbal tea that brings nutrition or infection fighting, such as our organic Alfalfa or Olive Leaf with Stevia Bark
caffeine-free herbal Teas.

Your health is in your own hands! Knowledge is power, so go ahead and liberate yourself!

Next month I will elaborate on my personal experience with eating less often, less quantity with more quality foods and the beneficial results I have experienced.

Vibrant Health is True Wealth!! (and you are worth it!!!!)

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