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May 2022 - Natural Food Ways To Increase B12 Numbers

WOW! Did last month fly by or what?

It finally warmed up enough that the irrigation has been started.

Our neighbor with the honey bees moved into a retirement home. So all the bees were moved away from our neighborhood. I sure hope other bees find our area, we miss hearing the buzz, and the delightful work they do for all of us.

The Kamloops Farmers' Market has returned.
You will find us there
Saturdays from 8:30a.m. to 12:30p.m.
at 3rd and St. Paul
in Kamloops B.C.

Enjoy each day & you will enjoy your week,
your month, your year and your lifetime!

Update on Phil's Journey to Even Better Health!

Natural Food Ways To Increase B12 Numbers

We have been on a journey of finding the most natural way to nourish our body
for optimal health and longevity.

If you remember from last month we were experimenting with natural food ways to increase Phil's B12 numbers
because according to the medical system they were too low.

As vegans for the last 14 years
we have not eaten animal products,
which are loaded with B12,
which I will remind you is a Bacteria.

 The options given by the doctor were not acceptable, especially after doing the research on our own.
So, we chose the least "offensive" option, in our opinion.
We sourced out the most Organic eggs
from the most Organic farmer that we personally knew.

Let me digress here for a moment.
All Organic Farmers are NOT created equal.
They should be,
but each have varying degrees of commitment
to what Organic means to them
and or their bottom line!
This is one significant reason for
supporting your local Organic Farmers,
who you can look in the eyes and
decide if you believe them,
when YOU ask about their farming practices.
Which also implies that you have taken the time
to do a bit of research on your own
to be able to ask intelligent,
legitimate and valuable questions
that help you decide to purchase from that farmer or not.

Okay, now back to Phil and the Organic eggs.
So, Phil chose to eat 2 of these eggs, poached, everyday for 2 1/2 weeks until the next blood test.
He goes for the next test
and asks them what they are testing for.
Turns out the test was looking for all kinds of
wild and crazy diseases, blood disorders etc.
as well as his B12 levels
and all of the previous issues
the doctor figured were there, but weren't.

Honestly I think they can't fathom
Phil as a 79 year young man
who is NOT on any meds
and he looks so good and is so happy & upbeat too!
I think that kind of ticks them off!!!
BUT that is just my personal opinion.

So back to the test results.
First, NONE of the previous "issues"
the doctor wanted to put him on meds for were there.
Yeah! Good report!

Plus, low and behold, his B12 numbers
were up in just 2 1/2 weeks!
She still wasn't happy,
they need to come up more in her opinion.
But now he doesn't have to go back
for another blood test for 2 months.

The improvement in the B12 numbers
was a GREAT report in Phil's eyes!!

He knew he was on the right track,
and if he can get improvement with Organic eggs
in just 2 1/2 weeks
after not eating animal products for 14 years,
we knew the solution was going to be easy.

Phil has decided he will continue
with the egg routine until the next blood test.
Our firm belief is that the numbers will be
where the doctor wants them.
Therefore moving forward,
knowing that the liver stores B12 for a year,
Phil will just make a point
of eating a couple of Organic eggs
every once in awhile to keep himself topped up.

This is a way better option
than pumping synthetic B12 into his system,
which obviously didn't work
as we found out with the Nutritional Yeast.

So there you go.
I guess Phil requires a new label....
"Plant-based with the occasional Organic eggs"!!


We are here to help.
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Abundance of Health & Happiness to you all!



We are here to help.
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Hugs, Cindy & Phil


phil and cindy

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