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November 2018 - Understanding How Easy It Is To Improve The Quality of Your Food Choices Part 2

You Can Enjoy a
Whole New Perspective on Life,
Free of Charge

We are loving the sunny days, the beautiful fall colors and the crisp air. We sure hope you are enjoying your part of the world too.

Understanding How Easy It Is To Improve The Quality of Your Food Choices Part 2

Here are the second two of the four simple, life-enhancing tips for food choices that enhance your experience.

#3. We all love our carbs!

They are those satisfying comfort foods right? Right! So my take on this is, I want to enjoy life and the food I eat. I want to choose the very best option for my health long-term, while I still enjoy what I am eating in the now moment. So here is my tip, How To:

Eat the whole food, verses the packaged/processed version. Always organic if at all possible. You are worth it!

*Enjoy your POTATOES, with the skins on, boiled, baked or even sauteed in a very small amount of oil rather than commercially made fries, or packaged potato versions.

(In my Recipe(s) For A Vibrant Life, recipe book, I have a recipe for home made fries that use very little oil, and man are they tasty!!)

*BROWN RICE, Basmati is my personal favorite Not rice pasta

*CORN on the Cob, not frozen niblets in butter!

*QUINOA (pronounced keen-wa) It is a seed, not a grain.
This is so versatile and can be ready in 15 minutes. You can make it any flavor you like with just a few spices. I prefer to add a pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt & Curry powder.

*CAULIFLOWER My daughter's favorite non-carb, carb.
This can be "riced" then cooked or mashed and used in place of potatoes. She uses hers as a topping for her meat & veggie pies.

 #4. Natural Flavors are slowly killing your cells & you!

Natural Flavors is one of many words used as a code for MSG. "Flavorings" are a multi-Billion dollar industry in and of themselves. Want to know why?

Big biz can take low quality, tasteless ingredients like by-products and fillers and turn them into so called "tasty foods" that you will buy again and again and again. They add substances like wheat, sugar, salt, caffeine etc. that hook us into coming back for more.

Watch out for the packaged sauces too, they are loaded!

I hear it all the time..."I really like my chocolate protein powder."

If health is your aim flavorings is a path that is taking you in the opposite direction.

These flavored items are not only acid-forming, but costly to your over-all health at the same time.

They generally add flavors to hook you or hide something, in my opinion.

It is the little things we do consistently that make the difference. Finding "whole food" options have helped us to be healthier than I ever would have thought possible.

With a little fore-thought it even works for the holidays and special occasions.

We have heard it said, "Most people are digging their own grave with their fork and knife."

Don't let this be you.

Order Now & Talk with a real human being!

It is our joy to serve you!

phil and cindy

Health and Happiness to you always!
Phil & Cindy

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