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October 2019 - Autumn Harvest Time

You can sure tell that autumn is in the air! The temperature is expected to go below freezing tonight. The Green Stevia has been harvested and is now drying in the greenhouses. As soon as we hand-strip the Stevia leaves from the stems and make room in the greenhouses, we will start the Olive Leaf harvest!

I will let you in on something....I like harvest time, you know why? It means that soon it will be too cold to be able to work outside!! YEAH!! That means a bit of time to relax. You know what that looks like on the farm? That means we only work 5 days a week instead of 6!!

Who knew that at 76 and 60 years old we would still be able to crawl around on our hands and knees for a week to harvest Green Stevia? I guess that is a testament to how effective our products are at keeping us young, healthy and vibrant!!

Here's to a Long, Healthy, Happy and Pain-Free life for all!!

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Thanksgiving in Canada

Since it is Thanksgiving this month here in Canada, I thought I would share my two most requested vegan holiday recipes. We wish you and your loved ones the very best as we take time to give thanks and appreciate what truly matters each other! ENJOY!!

Cindy’s Vegan Bread Stuffing

  • I start by tearing up a loaf or two of bread into chunks and place them in a large bowl. We like the leftover stuffing, so I always make way too much! I set that bowl aside and then in a fry pan I add 2-3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil.
  • Next I add 3-5 Onions, peeled and chopped.
  • I add ½ teaspoon Pink Himalayan Salt, and a bit of Black Ground Pepper.
  • Then I go to town adding ground Sage powder! I can’t really tell you how much exactly, but my guess is probably a couple of Tablespoons. I stir it in until the mixture takes on a Sage color. I mean isn’t the taste of the Sage in the stuffing the whole point of Christmas dinner flavors?? Well it is for us two vegans! Feel free to increase the quantity of onions or bread etc. to accommodate the number of guests and or how much you desire for leftovers!
  • Once the onions have softened, pour the entire mixture over the bread chunks that you set aside earlier. Stir well until all the bread is moistened, but not soggy. At this point you may decide to add a little water or almond mylk to moisten the mixture so it slightly sticks together. Place in a greased casserole dish an cover with a lid or foil.

Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees F - If you like a crispy top, remove the cover and bake another 10-15 minutes or until done the way you like it.

FYI~This is the exact same recipe I used for decades, long before we became vegans and it was always a hit!!

Cindy’s Vegan Gravy

My gravy kind of starts out much like my stuffing. I add 1-2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil to my deep, frying pan. Then I add a large Onion, peeled and chopped. I sauté these for a few minutes, then I add 1 or 2 vegan Veggie/"Chicken-flavor" Broth Cubes (McCormick's is the brand I use) depending on the number of people I will be serving. The stuffing and the gravy are always the most popular it seems.

Stir until the veggie cubes dissolve. I add a ½ teaspoon Pink Himalayan Salt, and a twist or two of Black Pepper from the Pepper-mill. I add 1 teaspoon or more of our Garlic Powder,
and of course more Sage Powder, probably ½ Tablespoon to start. I may add more as I do my taste test once the flavors begin to mingle. I generally add 2 cups of water, more if needed.
Stir well.

In a tiny little bowl add 1 Tablespoon of Corn Starch, add a tiny amount of cold water and blend to a smooth paste, then add 1/3 cup more water to the little bowl and mix well.

Pour this mixture slowly into the hot ingredients in the frying pan and stir continuously to avoid lumps. This will thicken the gravy. (Make another batch of the cornstarch mix if it needs to be thicker.) Sometimes I use the back of a fork to stir and sometimes a whisk works better for stirring. It really depends on the volume of gravy being made. More gravy, more volume, use a whisk.

This is your final chance to taste test and adjust.

FYI~ It is the gravy that we usually run out of first.

**If you don't tell anyone it is vegan, they probably wouldn't know** Now I usually double the recipe because the gravy really helps any leftovers to sing!

That is what it is all about!

It is our joy to serve you!

phil and cindy

Health and Happiness to you always!
Phil & Cindy

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