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October 2021 - A Step in The Right Direction

Fall is definitely in the air!
Our awesome helpers are out in the wind
finishing up the Green Stevia harvest for 2021.

A quick note for all you garlic lovers,
we have decided to ramp up our garlic production for next season.
The plan is that there will be an abundance of tasty
Red Russian Garlic Powder
available sometime in August or September 2022.

Health and Happiness to you!!

A Step in The Right Direction

Phil in Transition

These wonderful Green Stevia plants are full of sweetness, with zero calories.
They are chock full of phyto-nutrients,
which are powerful tools
to empower your body to alkalize, heal and rejuvenate.

Just think what your body could accomplish
if you gave up refined sugar.
Try this natural, organic plant powder
to satisfy your sweet tooth instead.
The bonus is, Green Stevia has been known to
take away sweet cravings!!
It is great for mouth and gum issues!
It helps the pancreas, & brings relief from migraines also.

We have had many folks who have been able to
Increase Their Daily Water Intake
because they started drinking
Green Stevia Sweet Water.

1 teaspoon of Suede Hills Green Stevia Powder
mixed in 2 liters/quarts of water.
Will keep in the fridge for a week or two.

Now that is a
Step In The Right Direction!!

Just pour yourself a glass or two of that per day,
add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
and enjoy the refreshing iced tea-like flavor.
The fresh lemon juice is
another simple and tasty addition to your
Step In The Right Direction
by adding more alkalinity to your day.

See, the lemon juice on your tongue is acidic,
but it metabolizes as alkaline!!


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Green Stevia Powder
grown on our
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2021 is your year to shine!!

We are here to help


Hugs, Cindy & Phil


phil and cindy

Health and Happiness to you always!

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