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September 2020 - What do you think about Alkaline Water devices?

The weather has been quite good, but not as hot as we and the Green Stevia prefer!

We are counting on the warm daytime temperatures to hold on for 3 or 4 more weeks. That way the Green Stevia has a bit of a chance to catch up.
They are looking vibrant, but they would benefit from a few weeks more in the ground before harvest time.

Alkaline Water Devices

We get asked this question all of the time,
mostly by people who live in big cities.

We are blessed to have amazing alkaline well water
on our farm and at
The Wellness House here at Suede Hills Organic Farm.

We know that there are expensive
water treatment systems which many people swear by.

My question is always,
"What exactly are they doing
to get the water to become alkaline?"
If you get that question answered to your satisfaction
feel free to purchase one.

The natural way alkaline water occurs
is when the natural flow of water pours over
the mineral rich rocks, sand and earth.

I had a customer from Pennsylvania ask me yesterday
how she could get alkaline water,
without having to pay the big bucks?

What I suggested to her was
to go out in nature
and bring home several different types of rocks.
Wash them and then place them in a jug of water.

Actually the best thing to do is
fill the jug with the cleanest water you can access.
Check the pH of the plain water with litmus paper
(we sell 15 ft rolls on our website).

Record the pH of the water.
Then add some or all of the rocks
you collected to the jug of water.
Leave the clean rocks in the jug of water for 24 hours
and then check the pH again.

If the rocks are somewhat porous
they should release their minerals,
thus creating alkaline water for you to drink.

Just as a reminder,
alkaline = minerals,
real minerals that your body can absorb
and utilize for healing, repair and general maintenance
of your amazing physical body.

The human body is over 75% water,
so giving it enough quality alkaline water to work with
is extremely important
along with mineral-rich foods like our
Organic Alfalfa & Olive Leaf Powders.

FYI` When you get your minerals from a plant source
like our Alfalfa and Olive Leaf
the minerals are in what is known as
an angstrom size molecule.
That means the minerals are tiny enough
to actually penetrate the cell walls,
therefore can be truly beneficial to your body.

A healthy life can be had
no matter your budget,
you just have to get a little creative!!


Stay Awesome!!


That is what it is all about!

It is our joy to serve you!

phil and cindy

Health and Happiness to you always!
Phil & Cindy

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Box 513 Savona, BC V0K 2J0 Canada